Macy’s Metaverse Thanksgiving Parade Is an Epic Fail – Here’s What’s Going Wrong

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With few attendees and not much to rant about, Macy’s Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade is an epic failure

Following the hype of Macy’s 96th Thanksgiving Day Parade, the American chain of high-end department stores is hosting its very own virtual parade to further celebrate the occasion.

Unfortunately, the event—that’s been running all day—isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

Quick Take: 

  • Macy’s iconic parade has joined the metaverse to further celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
  • There are few attendees (43 at this time of writing).
  • The only cool features in Macy’s metaverse include balloons and some free NFTs.
  • You can join the disappointment here:

The Outcome of Macy’s Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade 

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is undoubtedly one of America’s most loved holiday events. Following its popularity, a virtual version of the event seemed like a great idea.

The virtual parade, which is taking place right now, showcases virtual galleries from five NFT projects—Cool Cats, Vee Friends, SupDucks, money, and Boss Beauties. In addition, fans can vote on which NFT curators they like the most—to give them a chance to partake in next year’s real-life parade float.

Moreover, the metaverse event consists of gigantic floating balloons from which users can jump on and that open the doors to free NFTs. However, they are practically flowing through an empty, gray street and there’s barely anyone to collect the rewards.

At this time of writing (5 EST), we thought Web3 fans would be finished indulging in turkey with cranberry sauce and talking nonsense to their families. And would be enjoying their food coma by joining Macy’s Virtual Metaverse Thanksgiving Parade.

How wrong were we?

The virtual celebration is yet to receive the hype anticipated, and we can’t see the event miraculously getting better. It has been a dreary place all day—nothing like the packed, eventful parade in the real world.

It’s a shame this event didn’t go as planned. Especially considering the proceeds go towards America’s most extensive young mentoring program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA).

Feel free to look for yourself and join the disappointment here:

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