FIFA Unveils NFT Integration in World Cup Mobile Game for Enhanced Fan Experience

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FIFA has launched a new mobile game called World Cup AI League. The soccer game uses artificial intelligence (AI) for its characters, gameplay elements, and cosmetics. The game, created by web3 AI firm Altered State Machine, is presently accessible on Android, with an iOS release anticipated soon.

Quick Takes:

  • A fresh take on soccer games with cartoonish characters and AI-controlled movements
  • Planned NFT marketplace for in-game characters to enhance the gaming experience
  • FIFA’s commitment to embracing new technologies for fan engagement through crypto and Web3 partnerships
The FIFA team announced the NFT integration on its Twitter handle.

World Cup AI League: A Novel Soccer Game with NFT Potential

World Cup AI League is a 4v4 soccer strategy game where players act as team coaches and owners. The game currently offers maps inspired by international locales such as Yaoundé, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Seoul.

World Cup AI League does not feature real-life soccer stars, unlike traditional soccer games. Instead, the game’s characters are cartoonish, brightly-coloured creatures with the vibe of a Pixar movie or popular video game Fall Guys. Further, players can control the characters’ movements through AI.

While World Cup AI League is free-to-play, Altered State Machine plans to launch an NFT marketplace soon. Players can mint the game’s characters into NFTs once the NFT marketplace is established. NFTs will represent all characters in the future.

Currently, the game offers an in-game currency for users to buy cosmetic enhancements for their players. However, this currency is not crypto due to restrictions from Google and Apple surrounding crypto trading.

The company representative stated that the NFT deployment would come later to make the user experience feel frictionless and not distract players from the game’s primary elements. This is a frequent strategy in the Web3 area. Creators initially release games in their classic “Web2” form, without crypto or NFT features, and then add them afterwards.

FIFA X Crypto World

FIFA has previously enlisted a crypto sponsor for the 2022 World Cup and launched an NFT platform. Additionally, it has partnered with other Web3 game studios for World Cup-themed integrations. 

Overall, World Cup AI League is a unique take on soccer games, leveraging AI and cartoonish characters to create an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience. The addition of an NFT marketplace in the future may attract more players and create an even more engaging gameplay experience.

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