Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers (2023 Edition)

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Most crypto traders have their funds spread out across multiple platforms and mediums across multiple blockchains. Some even use several wallets for different purposes. It’s safe to say that tracking your investments may become a chore if you have to visit numerous platforms and track individual wallets. However, there’s a simpler and easier way to do this.  

Portfolio trackers are useful for all types of cryptocurrency investors because they allow you to monitor price changes and track your holdings. Whether you are using a hardware crypto wallet for security, holding funds across multiple exchanges and wallets, or having your crypto invested in an NFT or DeFi projects — a portfolio tracker is a great way to keep track of the value of your digital assets.

Using a crypto portfolio tracker can help you save time and effort by connecting all your wallets and exchange accounts, as well as DeFi and NFT investments, from one place. Moreover, some trackers have introduced additional functionalities, such as swaps, cash-to-crypto gateways, and more. With a portfolio tracker that suits your needs, you may never need to look for another crypto app! 

Let’s explore what the portfolio tracker market has to offer, and which one is the best for you.

Quick Overview — Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers:

1. CoinStats 

CoinStats is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to manage their crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolios from one place. 

If you’re looking to seamlessly track and manage a portfolio with diverse crypto, DeFi, and NFT assets, but also access some of its unique features, CoinStats is the definite go-to. 

You can connect an unlimited number of portfolios (both wallets and exchange accounts), including Binance, MetaMask, Coinbase, and 400 others. CoinStats has the most amount of integrations, as well as the most well-rounded set of features on the market.

CoinStats Portfolio Tracker
CoinStats Portfolio Tracker

The platform offers support to over 1,000 DeFi protocols on 10+ chains. 

As an all-in-one portfolio tracker, CoinStats aims to provide its users with a platform where they can perform all their crypto-related tasks in one place. Therefore, CoinStats is not just a portfolio tracker — its ecosystem includes:

  • Wallet
  • Cash-to-crypto gateway
  • Crypto swaps
  • NFT floor price tracking
  • NFT smart alerts (CoinStats Midas)
  • Earn functionality
  • Tax reports
  • Crypto gift cards
CoinStats Portfolio Tracker User Interface
CoinStats Portfolio Tracker User Interface

Security: CoinStats requires view-only access, meaning they have no control over your funds. The platform has been audited by Hexens — one of the most prominent web3 cybersecurity firms. The platform also never fell victim to any security breaches. All in all, your funds are secure with CoinStats. 

Price: Free plan offers up to 1,000 transactions and 10 connected portfolios, while the premium plan unlocks multiple exclusive features (including CoinStats Midas), and is priced at $2.49/month.

Check out their mobile or web app, or contact the customer service team for more information on how to utilize this all-in-one solution.

2. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is an amazing choice for those that want to track their portfolio through numerous watchlists. 

Put simply, CoinGecko is a free-to-use portfolio tracker that allows you to create watchlists and track your holdings, profits, and losses through them. It is simple and easy to use, and allows you portfolio customization. It offers support to over 13,000 cryptocurrencies. 

CoinGecko Portfolio Tracker
CoinGecko Portfolio Tracker

However, it suffers from one major drawback — it does not synchronize with your wallet. Rather, you need to manually input all your previous transactions, prices, timestamps, etc. 

If you are looking for a portfolio tracker that will easily allow you to create custom watchlists and track your portfolio in a segmented way, look no further. 

Security: As CoinGecko does not connect or synchronize with your wallets and exchange accounts, it poses no security risks to your funds. 

Price: CoinGecko is entirely free to use.  

3. Zerion

Zerion is a great choice for anyone deep into the web3 space that has multiple self-custody wallets, DeFi and NFT investments, and wants to utilize its funds from the place it’s tracked.

If you are looking to track your web3 portfolio from one place, and do not hold any Bitcoin or funds on crypto exchanges — Zerion might be the app you are looking for. 

Zerion Portfolio Tracker
Zerion Portfolio Tracker

They support 10+ chains and over 500 protocols – while slightly less than CoinStats, it will still most likely cover all your needs. 

Zerion enables you to lend out your cryptocurrency and generate a yield, provide liquidity and earn trading fees, as well as write options and earn premiums in some cases. You can also trade tokens from your Zerion crypto wallet, which automatically sources the best price from various decentralized exchanges. 

Security: Zerion doesn’t store your private keys or seed phrases, meaning they have no control over your funds. The platform has been audited by Trail of Bits and Vulners. Zerion was a victim of an asset phishing attack in 2021, where a hacker stole $30k in user funds. 

Price: Zerion is completely free to download, and offers its web3 wallet in web and app versions.

4. Zapper

Zapper is a great choice for anyone looking to start investing in DeFi, and is looking for a one-stop solution that will offer them portfolio tracking features as well as education. 

Put simply, Zapper is a simple dashboard for keeping track of your DeFi portfolio, including:

  • Assets 
  • Debts
  • Liquidity pools
  • Staking
  • Claimable prizes
  • Yield farming activities

It supports 11 chains and covers all the major DeFi platforms. 

Zapper Portfolio Tracker
Zapper Portfolio Tracker

Zapper is unique in the fact that it offers its users the ability to generate tax forms, as well as by the fact it has a questionnaire that helps you figure out what kind of investments you are looking for. 

Security: Zapper doesn’t store your private keys or seed phrases, meaning it has no access to your funds. The platform is currently undergoing security assessment by CertiK. It hasn’t suffered any exploits as of Dec 2022.  

Price: Zapper is free to use, and offers a web version of its interface. 

5. CoinTracker

CoinTracker is a good choice for anyone looking to track their portfolios from one place, especially for those more invested in CeFi and care about staying tax compliant. 

In a nutshell, CoinTracker allows you to track your crypto assets across various exchanges and wallets, as well as help you stay tax compliant during the process. It supports numerous centralized players as well as NFTs. 

CoinTracker Portfolio Tracker
CoinTracker Portfolio Tracker

CoinTracker offers support to over 8,000 assets and allows you to connect with virtually any wallet. 

Security: Much like the aforementioned portfolio trackers, CoinTracker does not hold your private keys or seed phrases, meaning they have no access to your funds. However, the platform suffered a data leak on Dec 1, 2022. The leak contained the email and referral addresses of its users — while this leak did not result in any direct funds being stolen, it has increased the number of phishing emails being sent to its users. 

Price: CoinTracker offers a free version that covers the basics of portfolio tracking, but also offers 2 more payment plans: one that covers all the necessary features for $14/month and one for active traders for $99/month. 

  1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a decent choice for users that want to track their crypto portfolios and hold numerous small-cap cryptocurrencies. 

It is a free-to-use portfolio tracker that allows you to track virtually any cryptocurrency in existence, as well as create your personal watchlists, alerts, and more. It offers support to over 45,000 crypto markets and over 11,000 cryptocurrencies. It also enables you to convert crypto prices to your local currency as it supports over 90 fiat currencies. 

CoinMarketCap Portfolio Tracker
CoinMarketCap Portfolio Tracker

CoinMarketCap is perfect for those that want to track their crypto holdings, but don’t want to invest or manage them through the platform. One downside to this tracker is that you need to add all your previous transactions manually — CoinMarketCap does not add them automatically, nor it synchronizes with your wallet. 

Security: As CoinMarketCap does not synchronize with your wallets and exchange accounts, it poses no security risks to your funds. 

Price: CoinMarketCap is completely free to use. 

Final Word

All in all, portfolio trackers and managers are invaluable tools for all crypto enthusiasts that have their funds spread out across multiple platforms and wallets. We have hopefully brought you some additional info that will help you pick the one that suits you best. 


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