Cool Cats Partners With Hologram Labs to Develop 3D Avatars

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Cool Cats partners with Hologram Labs to soon issue all NFT owners with playable avatars for cutting-edge interactivity 

Despite unleashing a new PFP and products just yesterday, Cool Cats partnered with Hologram Labs just one day later. The reason behind the forces joining includes the innovative creation of 3D avatars. 

Quick Take: 

  • Cool Cats partners with Hologram Labs to issue 3D avatars to its NFT holders.
  • The avatars will be useable for video streaming, gaming, memes, and more.
  • 50 Cool Cats community members can currently earn early beta access to this experience.
  • Those interested can apply for early access via Cool Cats’ CC-x-Hologram Discord channel.
  • Cool Cats will also be partnering with Ledger and Macy’s later down the line!

The Motivation Behind the Partnership

The NFT industry has grown tremendously, with Cool Cats continuously being placed at the forefront of this movement.

Cool Cats implements new processes and technologies alongside making significant investments in marketing and advertising to reach a wider audience and boost its brand.

As a result, the NFT project took to Twitter today to show off its new approach to boosting branding and customer satisfaction:

The NFT project’s most recent innovative idea includes partnering with Hologram Labs (who also works for other OG NFT projects (DeadFellaz and Pudgy Penguins)) to create 3D avatars of its NFT characters — just one day after unveiling its new facelift and product offerings.

This partnership is a significant step forward for Cool Cats and will bring new and exciting experiences to NFT holders. Members can use the quirky avatars for video streaming, gaming, memes, and more, bringing the brand to life.

To celebrate this partnership, Cool Cats will offer early beta access to 50 lucky community members. Those interested in trying out these new 3D avatars can apply for early access through the Cool Cats CC-x-Hologram Discord.

Already, Cool Cats holders are looking forward to interacting with Cool Cats in new and exciting ways. The opportunity to pounce on early beta access is the icing on the cake.

A launch date for all members to enjoy this new feature is yet to be revealed.

Cool Cats will also be partnering with Ledger and Macy’s later down the line!

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