Cool Cats Unleash New Facade and Strategic Shift

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Cool Cats’ new look opens up fresh story-telling experiences, reward incentives, and customization opportunities across chains

Animoca Brands’ NFT project, Cool Cats, just finished its Twitter Town Hall meeting — revealing its feline frenzy: a new logo and strategic direction.

Quick Take: 

  • Cool Cats has a new, front-facing logo.
  • The NFT project has numerous products and experiences in the pipeline: Cool Score, Journeys, Fractures and Explorer NFTs, etc.,
  • Such features include story-telling experiences, reward incentives, and cross-chain customization.
Cool Cats
Cool Cats new forward-facing logo

Reasons for Cool Cats Pouncing on New Image

Cool Cats have been dropping hints through cryptic messages: a series of puzzles and clues on its social channels, Twitter and Discord.

Finally, we know what’s up with the Web3 project behind the 9,999 programmatically randomly generated cat NFTs.

Just yesterday, the OG NFT project launched its new identity across all social platforms — a new logo that showcases a bold, forward-facing cat.

The NFT brand also revealed on its Twitter Town Hall meeting what’s in the pipeline for 2023 — how it’s “become the leading entertainment brand that celebrates cool through community-centered story-telling and innovation.”

Cool Cats
Cool Cats currently on OpenSea

What’s in the Pipeline for Cool Cats?

Cool Cats is working toward onboarding more than one million holders to the Cool Cats ecosystem throughout the next five years.

To attain this aspiration, the NFT brand will deliver product experiences that “fully immerse” its fan, working with mainstream brands, including the much-loved American toy store Macy’s.

Moreover, at the recent town meeting, Cool Cats finally revealed its secrets — several new and exciting products and experiences.

One includes a feature dubbed Cool Score. This tool allows users to track, measure, and earn rewards through community incentives. 

Another is Journeys, a feature offering immersive story-telling experiences and guiding users through its virtual world, “Cooltopia”. These journeys will introduce a soft staking mechanism for cats and pets. The team can reward engaged holders with better traits, digital gifts, and more.

The Fractures NFTs are also a new, immersive addition. These digital assets enable story-telling through digital collectibles that evolve as users complete more journeys and unlock more story levels.

Although to initially kick things off, all holders will be airdropped a Fractures NFT following the town hall.

Later this year, the NFT project will also release the Explorer NFT. Such digital assets will help bring more people into the Web3 space, offering new ways to represent digital identities with full-body customization available across chains.

This blue-chip NFT project is undoubtedly on a mission. With a vision, strategic direction, new brand, and highly notable partnership, it poises for success.

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