Author Tim Ferriss ‘Cockpunch’ NFT Collection Saw $4.7M In 24H Volume

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Tim Ferriss’s ‘Cockpunch’ recently leveraged a sold-out mint into secondary market demand, propelling the collection to the top of the NFT sales rankings. “The Legend of Cockpunch” is a work of fiction by author Ferriss, with all sales supporting his charitable organization.

Quick Take:

  • On December 7, “The Legend of Cockpunch,” Tim Ferriss’ NFT project, entered Web3 via Ethereum Blockchain.
  • The 5,555 NFT Rooster collection has a floor price of 1 ETH and a $6.9 million market cap.
  • Ferriss claims “The Legend of Cockpunch” is more than an NFT project. Ferriss will tell a long-form fiction story through podcasts.

‘Cockpunch’ is advertised as the author’s “emergent long fiction” project, covering 5,555 photographs featuring anthropomorphized rooster avatars. Each avatar has unique weapons and abilities. 

Cost of Minting And Selling Tim Ferriss’s ‘Cockpunch’ NFT

Each Tim Ferriss’s ‘Cockpunch’ NFT was worth 0.3 ETH (about $370) at the time of minting. The primary sale of Tim Ferriss’s ‘Cockpunch’, which used Premint’s new minting technology, garnered more than $2 million. All the earnings will towards the author’s Saisei Foundation. The charity supports research into life extension, psychedelics, mental health, and other topics.

Since Tim Ferriss’s “CockPunch” sale, secondary market prices have climbed, with the NFTs now selling for 1.4 ETH ($1,725) on the major marketplace, OpenSea. The marketplace-wide chart shows around 2,700 ETH (more than $3.3 million) in secondary sales of Tim Ferriss’s “Cockpunch.” It surpassed known projects such as CryptoPunks and Azuki in the previous 24 hours.

The PFPs are just the beginning of Ferriss’ ideas for the project. Ferriss said in a podcast chat with Kevin Rose, co-founder of Web3 company Proof, that he has written a complete first season of a narrative podcast to explore the project’s imaginary fantasy world.

Furthermore, owing to a commercial rights grant, NFT owners may utilize Tim Ferriss’s “CockPunch” characters to develop derivative projects and artwork.

Besides, Ferriss released his first NFT as part of Grails this year. It is a promotion in which Rose’s Proof Collective NFT owners may mint one of the numerous limited-edition artwork pieces without knowing who made them. Moreover, around 60 participants minted the author’s first published piece of fiction, “How to Start a War.”

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