Blockchain Bandicoot: Retro NFTs With Real-World Value

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Join the pre-sale of Blockchain Bandicoot for the chance to win a free Korrupted Bandicoot NFT, $10,000 worth of ETH, and more

Are you a big fan of all things retro, including Anime, comic books, and the 90s classic Crash Bandicoot? If it’s a big fat YES (like the best of us), Blockchain Bandicoot should be your next go-to NFT project. The pre-sale is coming soon!

Blockchain Bandicoots are protecting the blockchain world Burokuchen. But first, they must get past the evil mastermind Korruption for the chance to win real-world rewards. 

Luckily, the project entirely focuses on giving back to its community. So, rewards won’t be hard to come by. 

Blockchain Bandicoot – The Basics alongside bonus rewards

About Blockchain Bandicoot – Community Incentives

Blockchain Bandicoot is an Ethereum-based NFT project consisting of 5,000 unique NFTs. The digital assets bridge the gap between physical and digital assets, opening the doors to both versions of the project’s comic books. Not forgetting, a fully animated series for collectors to enjoy is in the works. 

To continuously show the Blockchain Bandicoot community gratitude for their support, the team behind these adventurous digital fox avatars often gifts electronics, posters, and attire to its community on a whim. 

Despite most likely already being sold on the project, the generosity doesn’t end there.

Sneak peek of Blockchain Bandicoot’s Motion Comic (Episode 1)

More Generous Rewards ($10,000 Worth!) 

“Monthly Element Challenges” is Blockchain Bandicoot’s biggest initiative. These challenges are another way for the NFT project to give back to its vast community. Although, this time, giving holders of its digital assets the chance to win $10,000 worth of ETH (every month for 36 months). 

As a match game, each NFT has an element symbol: water, fire, grass, Ether, or wind. If you accompany the elements in your wallet that Bandicoot’s 3D world hints at, you may be in for the chance to win up to a whopping $10,000 worth of ETH. 

For more information, check out this video:

Learn about Blockchain Bandicoot’s ‘Monthly Element Challenges’. How to win $10,000.

Note: Holders are entitled to 5 Blockchain Bandicoot NFTs in their wallets. Only the first person to hold the perfect set can win. 

Final Thoughts – Join the Pre-Sale! 

Regardless of which Blockchain Bandicoot you acquire, all holders will, without a doubt, receive a free Korrupted Bandicoot NFT, alongside an NFT that opens up an adventurous comic book and artwork paying homage to the project’s comic-styled characters and Anime. 

With the opportunity to win such generous awards in a unique, thrilling way, why not join the pre-sale? It’s coming very soon! 

For now, you can learn everything about the project here. 

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