WARNING: NFT Pokémon Game Infects Players With Malware

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Hackers of an NFT Pokémon game have been stealing gamers’ data, spreading malware, and taking control over users’ computers 

It’s been a crazy month for Pokémon. Only last week, Pokémon took legal action against the NFT game, Pokéworld.

Now, a fake non-fungible token (NFT) version of the Japanese pocket monsters are infecting people’s computers with malware.

  • Hackers are using a duped Pokemon NFT trading card site to conduct phishing attacks on unsuspecting victims.
  •  Once installed, the game deploys the NetSupportManager tool.
  •  Hackers can control victims’ devices using the tool, allowing them to steal data or install other malware.
NFT Pokémon Game

Beware of the NFT Pokémon Game 

A phishing website offering a Pokémon-branded NFT card game has been spreading malware to gamers.

The website includes an NFT marketplace with a fraudulent link that tricks people into buying tokens and stake NFTs based on the childhood-favorite pocket monsters.

However, users were downloading a remote access tool – NetSupportManager – instead of downloading NFTs related to the game.

The tool allows hackers to take over devices. Once gaining control, fraudsters can steal gamers’ data, spread malware, control victims’ computers, access their file management and history, and more.

It’s advised that the public must only purchase from the official Pokémon website, and never open attachments in suspicious-looking emails.

Pokémon enthusiasts must be extra vigilant and secure all passwords to their accounts.

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