Unlocking the Metaverse: How RLTY Streamlines 3D Immersive Experiences

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Zack Sabban, RLTY co-founder, talks to NFT Lately about what sets RLTY apart and how it creates immersive experiences.

Co-founder of RLTY, Zack Sabban

How does RLTY provide a smooth and user-friendly metaverse experience for brands and event organizers?

At RLTY, we understand the challenges that brands and event organizers face when entering the web3 and building 3D immersive experiences in the metaverse. That’s why we have created a platform that simplifies the process of creating and launching 3D immersive experiences for businesses.

Our no-code platform offers a user-friendly back office. It enables brands and event organizers to build and manage customized spaces without the need for technical expertise. Additionally, our proprietary 3D virtual environment, RLTY World, enables captivating and entertaining events or permanent experiences for participants.

To ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, we offer a suite of features and tools. They allow for easy integration with Web2 and Web3. Our platform enables the integration of regular e-commerce features but also cryptocurrency transactions and NFTs. This allows brands to create engaging experiences for their community by leveraging the best features of Web2 and Web3. Moreover, how they fit best with their brands DNA. 

Our user-friendly back office allows brands and event organizers to track all the data and analytics of their virtual experience in real-time. It enables brands to gain valuable insights into their audience’s behaviour and preferences, which can help them make informed decisions about future events or experiences. The real-time analytics also enable brands to measure the success of their immersive experiences and make adjustments to optimize the user experience.

Which aspects sets RLTY apart from other metaverse platforms?

We have a unique approach to platform development that sets us apart from other metaverse platforms. We prioritize collaboration with our clients, co-constructing custom-built 3D immersive experiences. They allow us to create features that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Our platform features gating Emails/non-fungible tokens (NFTs), live streaming, Ready Player Me avatar integration, CRM and Analytics in-real time, website integration, geospatial voice chat, text chat, visio, typeform/quiz integration, live polls & gamification functionalities, among others… We also offer a back-office control panel that enables easy configuration of a space by multiple users. We also launch a page generator with countdown and email capture features.

Overall, our approach to development, combined with our unique features and infrastructure, sets RLTY apart from other metaverse platforms. It allows us to provide unparalleled customization and flexibility in the creation of 3D immersive experiences for businesses in the metaverse.

How does RLTY handle scalability and performance, especially during large-scale events like concerts and festivals?

We understand the importance of scalability and performance when it comes to hosting large-scale events like conferences, concerts or festivals. To ensure that our platform can handle high volumes of traffic, we use a distributed architecture that enables us to spin up new servers automatically as needed.

Each event is hosted on a dedicated server, providing high performance and stability. We also offer the ability to choose the location of the server, which can help reduce latency and ensure a smoother experience for participants.

To further optimize performance, we limit the number of users on each server to 128, with the ability to scale up to 50,000 users across multiple servers. This ensures that each user can enjoy a seamless experience without any lag or interruptions.

Explain how RLTY ensures accessibility and inclusivity for diverse audiences and participants in the metaverse:

As a co-founder of RLTY, we believe that inclusivity and accessibility are crucial in the metaverse. That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to create a user-friendly platform. One that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds, geographical locations and abilities. To achieve such goals, we will offer various features such as accessibility tools, translation services, and customization options that allow participants to make their own experiences. Additionally, we strive to create a safe and respectful environment. We will do so by implementing community guidelines and moderation tools for the experience organizers. Our goal is to enable everyone to connect and engage in the metaverse without any barriers!

Please share some successful examples of events and collaborations that have taken place within the RLTY metaverse?

In less than a year, we have been lucky enough to create immersive experiences with renowned clients across a wide range of industries (Art, Fashion, Conference, Corporate, Music, Web3 Communities, etc..). 

For example, we collaborate with Paris Blockchain Week, an annual conference that brings together industry experts, investors, and innovators in the blockchain space. RLTY provided a virtual space for the conference that allowed attendees to network, attend talks and panels, and participate in various activities like find a job in a virtual talent fair, discover 40+ prestigious sponsors and discuss with them through the virtual world, etc. We also facilitated a live NFT auction which happened simultaneously in person and in the RLTY virtual world. 

We also worked with L’Oréal to help bring their famous Brandstorm competition to the metaverse, with Cristóbal Balenciaga during the Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland, with The Fabricant and World of Women NFT community, with La Clinique des Champs-Elysées for huge medical event, and many others Web2 and Web3 brands! 

What role do NFTs play in the RLTY metaverse, and how do they benefit event organizers and participants?

First and foremost, NFTs can be used to token gate an experience. This means that event organizers can monetize their 3D immersive experience by selling NFT tickets to access the virtual world. The can also sell NFTs in-world such as: collectibles, wearables, etc… NFTs can also be used to reward a community of fans or clients. The digital assets create unique utilities for their products as a means of accessing exclusive content. Additionally, NFTs can be used to represent virtual items or experiences within the metaverse. This allows for ownership and trading of unique digital assets. Overall, the use of NFTs in the RLTY metaverse benefits both event organizers and participants. It provides new opportunities for monetization and engagement.

How do you envision the future of the RLTY metaverse, and what new features or improvements can we expect in the coming years?

At RLTY, we see a future where immersive 3D experiences are a key part of businesses’ engagement strategies. Our vision is to be the leading platform that enables brands and event organizers to bring their community together. That includes for social connection, commerce, and entertainment. Consequently, we believe that RLTY will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the metaverse. Reasons being, it’s a place where people can connect, create, explore, buy, trade and explore new possibilities in innovative ways.

In the coming year, RLTY plans to incorporate AI in the world generation process to create more unique and immersive 3D experiences for our clients and their communities. By utilizing AI, we can automate certain aspects of world generation while enhancing the level of detail and complexity in the virtual worlds we create, resulting in more engaging and memorable experiences for participants.

Additionally, we plan to make our metaverse a multi-device experience, allowing users to connect from a range of devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, and various VR hardwares such as the Meta Quest and upcoming Apple Reality Pro headset. We believe that these efforts will allow us to provide an even more immersive and accessible metaverse experience for all users.

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