Unleashing Gutter Cat Gang NFTs: An Extensive Guide

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Gutter Cat Gang NFTs: High-value NFTs that first launched in 2021 and continues to claw its way to the top following Bored Ape similarities

Gutter Cat Gang is a top-of-the-range club-based non-fungible token (NFT) project launched in June 2021 and remaining popular ever since. The NFT project features 3000 feline avatars that unlock exclusive community activities and perks. Helping the Cat Gang claw its way to the top, its model is similar to the world’s famous NFT collectibles, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Today, the project’s market cap is 4,048 ETH ($19,541,952 USD). Those wanting to be a part of the community must shell out at least 1.57 ETH ($7,601 USD) to join in the fun, according to nftpricefloor.

Let’s scratch the surface of this NFT project to see what sets itself apart from the rest of the litter on-chain.

Gutter Cat Gang NFTs

Roaming the World of Gutter Cat Gang 

The curators of Gutter Cat Gang — friends Karlee, Eric, Mitch, and Dan — create Gutter Cat NFTs through procedural generation. Consequently, these digital assets feature 123 distinct properties with contrasting levels of rarity across numerous categories, including backgrounds, furs, mouths, eyes, and attire — all of which are wearables and traits.

Once minted, the digital assets can partake in various “gang-approved” activities in Gutter City, one of the first fully-developed NFT, metaverse towns ever to exist on The Sandbox:

  • GutterBall: A physics-based basketball game. Cats can shoot hoops in the middle of town.
  • Smitten Kitten Dive Bar: The dingy bar with numerous environmental interactions, where community members can make new furry friends.
  • Purrfection Adults Club: Here, patrons can unwind, socialize and enjoy the city’s seedier side. Just look for the vibrant red door when roaming down the alleyways.
  • Kibble Klub: Famous social hub where the cats can let off some steam. Dim lights and loud music make the atmosphere come to life.
  • Gutter Car Park: A public meeting area where cats meet to show off the NFTs they earned in the Gutter City.
  • Claws-Out Fight Club: Cats can join this not-so-charming environment to fight for money and win the “Top Feline Pugilist” title. Aggressive cats wanting to “prove themselves” can attend every Wednesday.
  • GutterPunch Rave: An illegal rave hidden in the sewers of Gutter City. Those wanting to attend must know the secret phrase.
  • Underground Frog Fights: Cats can bet on the outcome of two frogs fighting. Because why the hell not?
  • Sewer Fishing: Cats can fish the decaying canals in the hope of winning a tuna.
  • Hanks Hotfrog Stand: Purchase a Hotfrog full of questionable meats. No refunds are allowed.
  • Carl’s Contraband Van: Gutter Cats can socialize with Carl, their friendly neighbor, provided they can find him.

The best part is all Gutter Cat Gang NFT holders can roam the metaverse and enjoy the 3D Voxel Gutter Cats created by the graphic artist @VoxelBlaze.

Gutter Cat Gang NFTs

Gutter Cat Gang’s Furry and Feathery Friends

Similarly to BAYC with Mutant Ape Yacht Club (among others), Gutter Cats releases numerous companions lines for their holders. For instance, dropping Gutter Cat Rats as free to mint NFTs, excluding the gas fees as generous rewards. One of the cheapest rats sells for 1.98 ETH (around $7300) on secondary marketplaces.

Moreover, Gutter Rats showcased new traits not initially seen: robot fur, alien fur tattoos, new jerseys, etc.

Following Gutter Rats’ popularity, the team added new species to the mix: Gutter Dogs and Gutter Pigeons. Those lucky enough to own a Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat NFT could claim a free mint pass for one of these new species, despite not knowing which pass corresponded to which.

1000 mint passes for the species were available to lucky owners of Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat NFTs for 0.75 ETH. In addition, 2,5000 passes were publicly available starting at 1.5 ETH via a Dutch Auction.

Like Gutter Rats, the new assets also introduced traits not previously seen in the Gutter ecosystem, including sport jersey themes.

Owning any of these NFTs opens the doors to become a Gutter Gang member, giving all collectors to partake in numerous metaverse activities, real-world meetups, win merchandise and free NFTs, and more.

It’s no doubt that the Gutter Cat Gang builds dope products, platforms, and experiences, just as the creators claim.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on NFT Lately to see what’s in the pipeline for such digital assets and click here to get involved.

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