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VeeFriends announced its pre-sale for a limited amount of Macy’s collectibles yesterday. But what makes the collection special?

VeeFriends soon become an influential and unique collection of NFTs. Well-renowned internet personality and the CEO of Vayner Media and Vayner Sports, Gary Vaynerchuk (otherwise known as Gary Vee), launched the project at just the right time—when PFP NFTs were selling like hot cakes back in 2021.

Vee’s project appears to be as popular to this day. He continuously brings something new to the table. Yesterday, on October 4, VeeFriends announced its pre-sale for a limited series of collectibles, following its collaboration with Macy’s Toys “R” Us (the official launch will take place on October 17).

But what makes VeeFriends desirable compared to other collectibles floating around the Web3 space?


Meet the Curator, Gary Vee

The name behind the brand most definitely has something to do with the project’s popularity. Despite many knowing Gary Vee as a wine critic and a social media warrior in the past, he is now worth a whopping $200 million. Reasons include being the chairman of the communication company VaynerX, alongside the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports.

Moreover, he soon went from the bottom to the top in the NFT business—going from collector to a world-famous NFT curator. 

Following his success with digital assets, he launched his own company, VaynerNFT, to assist brands and celebrities with their own NFT endeavors.

Vee is now one of the most iconic NFT figures in the space. So naturally, it’s no wonder his collectibles continue to be desirable and worth a few bob (to say the least).

VeeFriends Collectibles – Everything You Need to Know

Vee firstly dropped the NFT collection Book Games in August 2021, which are 16 drawn artworks encased in one of the five VeeFriends Spectacular rarities that link to his best-selling book. Each token artwork is also framed in 1 of 15 randomly generated frames for rarity purposes.

Two months later he dropped NFTs named Mini Drops—a collection of 1,200 NFTs based on the original VeeFriends characters, including Empathy Elephant, Heart Trooper, Gorilla, Adventurous Astronaut and more.

Following this, Vee launched another drop of 10,255 tokens. This time, more updated versions of the previous characters alongside new ones.

The tokens have three categories: Admission Tokens, Access Tokens and Goat Tokens.


Each token category offers different rewards. Nevertheless, regardless of the category, all holders receive a three-year access pass to VeeCon. At this multi-day conference, VeeCon NFT ticket holders can experience an extraordinary lineup of content, including iconic keynote speeches, innovative and educational talks, entertainment and more.

Consequently, Gary Vee’s net worth is more than $200 million. However, following its new partnership with Macy’s—the world’s most fabulous toy store—the likelihood of his funds going up (even more) is high.

Together, VeeFriends and Macy’s have bought the figure and plush characters to life, creating a quirky collection of physical collectibles—all of which have printed QR codes that play animated films and songs once scanned.

“This partnership means way more to me than you could ever imagine. The thought that VeeFriends will be in Macy’s and Toys “R” Us simultaneously is incredible,”

says Gary Vee on the official VeeFriends website.

The pre-sale began just yesterday. Although, the official launch will take place on October 17.

Purchase Your Very Own VeeFriend

All VeeFriends NFTs are sold out. However, you can easily find the digital assets on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Many of the original collectibles sell for enormous amounts. Empathy Elephant, for instance, sold for around $500k.

The physical collection of VeeFriends characters are for sale for around $9.99 to $29.99. To get your hands on the toys, you can buy the products on the Macy’s and Toys “R” Us website, Macy’s mobile app, and physical stores of the chain across the globe.

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