Ventures into Web3 Travel Experience with ‘Trekki NFTs’

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The acclaimed travel services provider,, recently ventured into the Web3 realm with the launch of the innovative Trekki NFT project. Known for their unique approach, they aim to redefine the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in travel. Specifically, they’re doing this through partnerships with industry leaders, offering enhanced travel benefits to Trekki enthusiasts such as discounted bookings and travel tickets.

Quick Takes:

  • launches Trekki NFT, transforming travel experiences with blockchain technology and immersive narratives.
  • Trekki NFTs offer more than digital collectibles, they allow holders to evolve their Trekkis through platform interactions and membership tiers.
  • With a robust future roadmap,’s Trekki NFT aims to establish meaningful partnerships and offer exclusive benefits to holders, making it a promising player in the Web3 ecosystem.
The launch annoucement

Trekki NFT: Fostering a Novel Travel Experience

The creators have built the Trekki NFT concept around a captivating narrative. Essentially, it’s a world where users can interact with extraterrestrial beings – Trekkis. These curious, dolphin-like creatures hail from the stunning planet Trekia, and have made their way to Earth to explore its numerous wonders. Moreover, the tale begins with the first group of explorers, the “Tripo” team, representing the Trekkis’ adolescent stage. 

Beyond being just digital collectibles, Trekki NFTs incorporate an interactive gameplay mechanic. They enable holders to nourish their NFTs from adolescence to maturity. This is done using platform orders, badges, and membership tiers within the platform, promoting their evolution and ascension.

Furthermore, Trekki NFT isn’t just about exploration; it’s a journey of growth and rewards. As Trekkis mature from juveniles, their holders have the opportunity to shape their progression using various resources. Additionally, through staking, holders can gain evolution stones, a vital component for Trekki’s growth.

Also, holders can earn rewards based on their NFTs’ unique attributes. This is achieved by staking their NFTs on the project’s official website, with tokens received being redeemable for an array of products and perks within the Trekki ecosystem.

Peering into the Future of Trekki NFT

As for the future of Trekki, has set forth an exciting roadmap. They plan to forge meaningful collaborations with Web2 and Web3 brands, trading platforms, and media outlets to broaden Trekki’s reach and influence. The project will receive backing from the Web3 incubator Backwave. 

In a bid to foster a dedicated community, Trekki offers early supporters exclusive benefits, such as free mint, whitelist applications, community privileges, and even free flight tickets. Further, holders stand a chance to benefit from partner brands.

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