The Women Behind Crypto Tech Women Making Waves In the NFT Space

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NFT Lately catches up with the Crypto Tech Women team, Celi and Gigi, to discuss how the NFT project empowers women in the Web3 sphere

Tell me about the Crypto Tech Women:

Celi: Crypto Tech Women (CTW) is a Web3 community-centric brand created with a mission to empower, educate and help women join the Web3 space. Gigi Skarlett was the first Latina to be a founder of an NFT project that sells out within 24 hours during the public sale.

Some perks of owning a CTW NFT include:

  • In real life events, such as brunches, dinners and conference panel events
  • The recently launched Web3 educational platform
  • 1:1 Mentorship for those building their own NFT projects
  • Web3 job boards, Giveaways, onboarding and more

Gigi: Crypto Tech Women (CTW) is dedicated to onboarding the next million+ Web3 users through innovation, education, empowerment, fun experiences, and exciting partnerships.

Our NFTs serve as membership into our community and provide access to exclusive member events such as educational workshops, advisory 1:1s, ownership of your NFT IP Rights, a curated Web3 job board for those looking to transition to Web3, and access to our educational platform W3 Learn Academy.

Now please tell me about yourself:

Gigi: “I’m Gianina Skarlett (Gigi) from Venezuela. I’m the Founder, CEO, and Lead Engineer of W3 Learn Academy and CTW. I have a strong commitment to the Web3 sector, innovation, and education.

Prior to working in the Web3 sector, I was a Software Engineer at an AI Silicon Valley company. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been coding since I was just 16 years old.

We now have outstanding individuals on our team, including leaders in marketing, partnerships, finance, legal, community management, and PR.

Celi: I’m Celi Stücken, Head of Marketing for CTW! I was a part of the CTW community before mint and joined Gigi 2 months after!

I’ve been in the marketing space for 10+ years having worked corporate, the world’s largest agency, advising startups in Silicon Valley and helping entrepreneurs grow their online presence and communities.

I then joined Web3 in late 2021 and have been hooked ever since!

What is the project’s most rewarding milestones?

Celi: It’s amazing to see so many people organically love the CTW brand and have such amazing supporters (such as Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara, and Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine brand).

Personally, meeting the NFT community in real life is the most rewarding.

Moreover, for the brand, a few key milestones have been having CTW speak for charity alongside Eva Longoria, launching W3Learn Academy, the first women-led project educational platform with masterclasses, and all of the amazing partnerships such as Social Media Examiner, Fanzo 365 Podcast, and Plaid who help us onboard more women into the space.

Gigi: I have to definitely echo what Celi said; some of my personal favorites also include the ability to board so many people, especially women in Web3 by assisting them in creating wallets and educating them on how to participate in Web3 while remaining safe.

The ability to participate in a panel with Eva Longoria focusing on onboarding women and minorities into Web3 was so exciting and the best part is we are able to provide some members of our community with access to this event.

Other milestones have been providing all of our members with free unstoppable domains (4k+) and being able to create and curate educational workshops to help our audience bridge their Web2 skills to Web3 skills.

Can you tell me the most significant hurdles you’ve faced?

Celi: When it comes to Web3, the biggest challenge has been how fast things happen in Web3 combined with no real playbook. All of us who are here early are pioneering the space. There is no one way to do things.

In Web2, there are step-by-step blueprints and mentors for marketing. In Web3, such a thing doesn’t exist yet. It’s both a challenge and an exciting opportunity to test and learn what works.

Gigi: It’s been a lot of fun exploring Web3 and all of its uncharted territory. From developing and launching a Web3 brand during a bear market with no playbook or guidance, to learning about the ways we can make the most impact on the crypto curious and help onboard the masses to Web3.

Which elements of Web3 do you find most appealing?

Gigi: I adore the possibilities for innovation and ownership that Web3 provides.

I’m also very excited to be in this industry so early in order to pave the way for more people to join Web3.

Celi: Have to agree with the innovation and possibilities Web3 provides! Also, the elements Entrepreneurship, the metaverse, gaming, and… so many elements of Web3 to be excited about!

Anything exciting in the pipeline?

Celi: The team behind CTW is always working behind the scenes on creating masterclasses with thought leaders, hosting educational Twitter spaces, empowering more women into the space, and exciting partnerships and events.

A few exciting places we’ll be at next…I’ll be speaking at the NFT London Conference November 2-4, and Gigi will be speaking at various events during Art Basel Miami Florida.

We’re looking forward to meeting more of the community and launching more partnerships this year!

Gigi: So many exciting things are in the works, from expanding W3 Learn Academy to bringing on-chain credentials for it.

To all of the amazing partnerships we’ve been working on, we continue to expand our educational topics and create more content for our platform!

How can we find out more about your company?

Celi: Through our CTW you can connect @CryptoTechWomen, we host a number of spaces on topics ranging from the Metaverse, Web3 marketing, Latinas creators in Web3, and more.

You can connect with Gigi and Celi through @gianinaskarlett and @EthBarbie, and CTW through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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