The Memes by 6529 Review – Are Memes The New NFT Meta?

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Memes have been an important part of popular culture and the internet since their start in the mid-90s. Now, ‘The Memes by 6529’ is attempting to bring the popular format to NFTs, properly, through their trending collection on OpenSea.

What is ‘The Memes’ Collection

The Memes collection was created by 6529. The project includes various different artworks, which relate mainly to NFT memes. From those artworks, they have different item quantities. A recent NFT includes an FTX Pepe following the company’s filing for bankruptcy. Others are seen to include various NFT phrases such as ‘GM’, ‘WAGMI’ and ‘LFG’.

This collection, in particular, is classed as ‘CC0’, which means no copyright reserved. This has been a controversial point in the space, as companies like Moonbirds chose to switch their copyright rules long after the launch of their collection. The no copyright reserve ruling allows for anyone, like fans of NFT projects, to create fan art work, for example.

Currently, as of December 6, The Memes is the 4th top trending collection on OpenSea. Also, it’s the 13th top collection in the past seven days. The floor price is just under 0.2 ETH, with the total volume over 3,000 ETH.

Who is 6529?

6529 is a cryptocurrency and NFT influencer who coined their name from Cryptopunk #6529, which they own. Their account on Twitter, @punk6529 has over 400,000 followers. In recent times, 6529, whose identity is anonymous, has been working on ‘OM’ – a metaverse platform. They hope to bridge virtual and physical spaces that people use in their day-to-day lives. According to the 6529 website, “the ultimate goal is for the internet itself to be the Open Metaverse”. They have often claimed to be “fighting” for this open metaverse concept.

An early Bitcoin investor with a background in tech and finance, 6529 spoke on the moves from Meta and others in the space: “Whatever ends up being the standard platform or API [for the metaverse] is going to end up being very important in a decade. If it’s a Facebook API or Apple API, it’s going to be the same type of scenario that exists today”

Could Meme NFTs be the Next Big Thing?

With memes being such a keypoint to popular internet culture over the past decade, especially, but 20-30 years overall, it is undoubted that there is a huge audience of people who are aware of what they are, and regularly share them through various social media platforms.

However, as we’ve seen with other things, it is uncertain that meme culture will absolutely transfer into the future of web3 and NFTs. On Twitter, memes relating to the industry do often come up, whether it be showing the trials, or tribulations, of working, transacting, or otherwise in the space.

6529’s ‘The Meme’ collection seems to have been off to a good start since the launch this year, and has seen an upwards spike in sales numbers over the past week, making its way onto OpenSea’s top trending page. As with any project, it takes a lot of marketing work, or unique selling points, for a project to maintain a name and strong value.


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