SuperRare Launches RarePass for Curated Art Drops

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SuperRare creates RarePass—an innovative way to entice new buyers and reward collectors

The Ethereum-based, decentralized NFT marketplace SuperRare launches “RarePass”—a subscription-like service—to reward digital art collectors.

Quick Take: 

  • NFT marketplace SuperRare launches an art collecting opportunity called RarePass
  •  Three RarePass collectors will get the chance to win 1/1 artworks from OG NFT curators once a month
  •  The reward passes will be available on SuperRare starting November 15

Benefits of SuperRare’s RarePass 

SuperRare is soon to launch a crypto art collecting opportunity dubbed RarePass.

Three randomly selected RarePass holders will get the chance to win unique 1/1 artworks each month. However, all holders will receive some sort of prize via the airdrop from a legendary artist each month throughout the year.

The idea behind the project is to “reflect the beginning of a new era for each artist.” Also, to “provide a curated list of artists with an edge and gets their work seen by a wider audience.”

Some of the NFT artists creating these digital masterpieces include XCOPY, Other World, Coldie, Pindar Van Arman, and more.

Not forgetting, the passes will also gain access to community channels and other advantages (coming soon).

Get Involved

The first auction for a RarePass will take place on November 15 for 24 hours at 10 pm (EST).

Interestingly, the rare pass will not have a set floor price. Instead, the team behind SuperRare wants its community to decide the pricing of the art pass.

Once selling the first pass, there will be 208 remaining passes available, starting November 16 at 1 pm (EST) via a Dutch auction.

The price of the remaining passes will decrease every fifteen minutes for 6 hours until no passes are remaining.

Collectors can purchase the pass via a single transaction on the SuperRare marketplace.

Once acquiring one, they can decide whether to keep it or use it for trading/investment purposes.

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