Streamingfellaz: Deadfellaz’s New NFT Collection with Video Capabilities

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Following last month’s release of front-facing fellaz, Deadfellaz has released another new NFT collection within their ever-growing ecosystem, Streamingfellaz. With this launch, the IP have proved once more to be innovative and one of the front-leaders in the NFT space.

Quick Takes:

  • Deadfellaz have released a new NFT sub-collection, Streamingfellaz.
  • Streamingfellaz allows holders to embody their profile picture on video calls and streaming platforms.
  • The new sub-collection is a partnership with Hologram Labs.

About the Latest Launch: Streamingfellaz

Deadfellaz have released a further NFT sub-collection with their brand name, Streamingfellaz, which is an innovative project that allows for holders to embody their profile picture on a meeting, call, or video in apps such as YouTube, Twitch and Zoom.

This will allow for holders, or the ‘Horde’, as they’re called, to impersonate their fellaz in a completely immersive way, actually embodying themselves as their character.

The move is an extremely forward thinking move for the brand, who take pride in their innovation and new projects under the Deadfellaz name.

They partnered with Hologram Labs for this project, a company that allow for users and NFT holders to “become their digital self” and “upgrade their IP”. Previously, they have partnered with huge collections such as Pudgy Penguins and Cool Cats.

Simply put by the team at Hologram, their product allows people to become their digital self “through motion-tracked avatars and 3D metaverse operable avatars.” – this particular project will be focusing on the motion-tracking avatars.

Now, users will be able to both film and appear on content directly on platforms like Twitch, Google Meet and Zoom, or record pre-made content for posting on things such as Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. The possibilities are endless.

In a Twitter Spaces today, the project and their collaborators, Hologram Labs, shared all of the necessary details for current and future holders, announcing their plans for the future of Streamingfellaz.

All Deadfellaz holders of the initial 10,000-piece collection will have access to the new innovation. The current floor price to get in on the action via OpenSea is 0.21 ETH, which is currently around $400.

The History of Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz is a collection of 10,000 zombie-themed NFTs that were created in August 2021 by two anonymous founders, Betty and Psych. The collection quickly became popular, and by the end of the year, it had amassed a floor price of over 1 ETH, going up to an all-time high of over 3 ETH, during a bull market for the space.

One of the things that made Deadfellaz stand out from other NFT projects was its focus on community. The project’s Discord server quickly became a thriving community, and the founders were always active in interacting with the community members. This helped to create a strong sense of ownership and belonging among Deadfellaz holders.

In addition to its strong community, Deadfellaz also benefited from a number of successful partnerships. The project has partnered with a variety of brands, also releasing a number of sub-collections including this one, and the recent front-facing fellaz.

As a result of its strong community, successful partnerships, and innovative approach, Deadfellaz has become one of the most popular NFT projects in the world, and is continuing to work on new projects and plans daily.


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