Puma Partners with 10KTF for Exclusive NFT Sneaker Collection

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Puma has teamed up with Web3 brand 10KTF to launch a limited-edition collection of the non-fungible token sneakers, the Grailed Slipstream series. Also, the collaboration marks Puma’s recent interest in the web3 industry, following its release of a new NFT collection called Super Puma to commemorate its 75th anniversary. 

Quick Takes:

  • Puma and 10KTF launch limited-edition Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT sneakers.
  • Physical sneakers feature scannable chips for NFT counterpart verification.
  • Puma pushes boundaries in the intersection of fashion and blockchain technology.
10KTF x PUMA Slipstream Collab

Limited edition sneakers

As per the announcement, the Grailed Slipstream series will consist of 2,000 pairs of sneakers designed in collaboration with artist Alexander John. Each pair will feature unique colours and an NFT artwork-themed shoe tongue. The physical sneakers will have a chip linked to their NFT counterpart. The scannable chip will verify the NFT counterpart on the blockchain through a smart contract.

Starting on April 27, 2023, Puma Nitro NFT holders and 10KTF community members can access the Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT collection. Holders will be able to dictate the NFT version of the shoes through their virtual avatars in the 10KTF world. Puma Nitro NFT holders and 10KTF community members can also receive a customized physical edition of Slipstream sneakers. Moreover, these sneakers will be accompanied by an NFT counterpart for use in the 10KTF ecosystem. 

Airdrop of unreleased Super Puma NFTs

Additionally, the company will airdrop 2,000 unreleased Super Puma NFTs to those who redeem the Grailed Slipstream Mint Passes. This will further incentivize collectors and enthusiasts to participate in this unique collaboration.

The collaboration between Puma and 10KTF marks a new milestone in the NFT industry. It combines physical and digital assets to create a unique product that appeals to both collectors and fashion enthusiasts. 

Puma has been active in the metaverse, debuting its first metaverse experience, Black Station, in September 2022, in celebration of its FUTROGRADE presentation at New York Fashion Week. This shows Puma’s commitment to exploring new technologies and possibilities within the fashion industry.

Overall, the Grailed PUMA Slipstream collection sets a new standard for NFT collaborations. It marks a significant step in the intersection of fashion and blockchain technology.

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