PROOF Unveils Q1 Plans for Moonbirds in Video Release

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PROOF Founders Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell reveal exciting plans for Moonbirds Q1 through a lengthy YouTube video. The clip highlights what’s in store for the non-fungible token (NFT) brand.

For those that don’t have an hour free to watch the video, here’s a quick low-down:

Quick Takes:

  • PROOF Collective is transforming into an art collective “Digital Renaissance”, which aims to create state-of-the-art experiences for all art fans.
  • The NFT aims to introduce Mythics as an extension to the broader community, citizens, and builders of the Digital Renaissance.
  • As usual, PROOF will also drop new NFTs and perks to Moonbirds and Mythics holders.

Unveiling Moonbirds’ Vision for the Digital Renaissance

The team behind PROOF, therefore Moonbirds, are working toward flying high with creativity. Accordingly, enabling all art fans to promote their work and connect with artists in unique ways.

PROOF revealed its artistic purpose and future⁠ ⁠— a “Digital Renaissance” ⁠— via a Tweet just yesterday:

The Tweet reveals that, similarly to before, PROOF Collective are working toward dropping new NFTs and member benefits as promised, alongside additional perks for Moonbirds holders.

However, after 2025, the NFT brand differently aims to create a “Moonbird Elders” community (or something along those lines), to give loyal customers the best possible exclusive products and experiences.

The team also aims to introduce Mythics as an extension to the broader community, citizens, and builders of the Digital Renaissance. Although, they will not be able to access the art drops freely (not like Moonbirds holders, anyhow).

Overall, the YouTube video and Tweet both reveal how excited PROOF is to move into a spanking new phase of execution, discovery, and — most importantly — creating more fantastic art!!!

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