Azuki BEANZ Official: A Guide on OpenSea’s High Demand Assets

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A comprehensive guide about why Azuki’s BEANZ Official collectibles regularly hit the top spot on OpenSea 

BEANZ Official by Azuki is a hit on OpenSea, regularly reaching the top spot for highest 24-hour trading volume.

The 19,950-piece collection, featuring algorithmically generated small species that sprout from the dirt to become a sidekick of an Azuki, is setting a friendly tone for the year ahead.

But what makes them more in demand than newer collections in the sphere, like Art Blocks Friendship Bracelets?

BEANZ Official

Opening the Mystery of BEANZ

BEANZ are ERC-721A tokens that showcase the technical expertise of the Azuki development team.

Azuki originally airdropped BEANZ for free to say thanks to Azuki holders on March 31, 2022. Hence, the assets are not for sale on the official Azuki website and only purchasable on secondary marketplaces (like OpenSea (and not for cheap)).

These hand-drawn avatars are a sidekick to each Azuki BEANZ holder. Since launching in March 2022, they have been gaining as much traction as the original Azuki NFTs due to opening up access to holders-only Discord community, merchandise, and eventually utilities within Azuki’s metaverse.

As a result, these digital assets now have a floor price of 1.74 ETH ($1,422.54 USD) and a total sales volume of 109,559 ETH ($155,852,059.86 USD).

Each BEANZ NFT has 12 unique features (483 in total), including background, clothing, eyes, face, headgear, offhand, shoe, and type. In addition, these digital assets have unique characteristics that give them distinct personalities—some of which are more desirable than others.

Since the original BEANZ – Toshi (red BEAN) and Les (Blue BEAN) – Azuki has been dropping more to the mix: Link the black BEANZ, Tao the lentil, Johny C the coffee bean, Penny the Pinto bean, Ash the purple Bean, Pip the black-eyed pea, ED the Edamame Bean, Friday the Jelly Bean, Sun the gold Bean and Kame, the rare “ghost” bean.

Unsure about these NFTs’ rarities? Check out this ultimate guide to NFT rarity tools in 2023.

Founder of BEANZ Official 

The creator of BEANZ Official is Chiru Labs founder, Zagabond.

Interestingly, “Zagabond” first began his career in sales and partnerships for Amazon and Google, learning about retail for over two years.

Soon growing tired of the corporate world, Zegabond began embracing the advantages of decentralization and crypto. He became part of the founding team for the peer-to-peer trading platform for ERC-20 tokens, 0x, before working on his own project, Azuki.

During the industry’s peak, March 2022 was a fantastic time to launch his Azuki NFT project.

Luckily, despite the market now being down, there’s enough significance behind BEANZ Official collectibles because of its community and merchandise, and soon gaining access to the Avatar’s upcoming metaverse.

So, it’s no wonder these cute little BEANZ continuously have new homes.

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