DC to Airdrop Harley Quinn NFTs: Here’s What You Need to Know

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DC Comics, in collaboration with PALM NFT, is launching a special collection of 30,000 Harley Quinn NFTs in honor of the famous character’s 30th anniversary. The infamous character known for its notorious activities and partnerships with the likes of Joker is an important part of the DC Universe. The entire collection will be available for every one of cost, but the Bat Cowl holders will get 24-hour early access.

Quick Take:

  • DC launches a special NFT collection to commemorate Harley Quinn’s 30th anniversary.
  • The Harley Quinn NFT collection will drop on 29th September for Bat Cowl Holders.
  • Everyone else can start minting the free Airdrop of NFT from 30th September.

Special Experiences Accompany the Harley Quinn NFTs

The entire NFT collection is a part of celebrating and honoring Harley Quinn. Owners of the NFTs will not only have digital assets to enjoy but also gain access to a wider net of experiences curated specially for Harley Quinn fandom. 

Palm NFT tweet announcing the NFT collection
Harley Quinn NFT Collection Annoucement

PALM NFT announced the airdrop launch via a tweet sharing the details of the NFT collection and the timeline. With this collection, owners will get a chance to get a closer look into the world of the “clown princess of crime.” 

The entire collection of these NFTs will arrive in the last two days of September. Bat Cowl token holders will get early access to the entire collection. This gives them a 24-hour head start to mint the Harley Quinn NFTs. They can start minting from 9:00 AM PST on 29th September. All the other users can start minting the NFTs from 9:00 AM PST on 30th September. 

About the famous character

Harley Quinn is a DC Comics character. The creators of this character are Paul Dinni and Bruce Timm. Within the comic world, Harley Quinn is the primary henchwoman of the Joker, a supervillain. In the comic world, Harley Quinn is described as a dark and comedic character.


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