OWNIC Changes the Scope of Sports Collectibles with Dynamic NFTs

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How OWNIC remodels the culture of sports collectibles by making users a part of an athlete’s journey with dNFTs

OWNIC revolutionizes the collection of sports cards by introducing dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology with limitless utilities, games, experiences and rewards. 

Collectors can become a part of their favorite sports icon’s journey when holding an OWNIC dNFT. The digital assets evolve alongside an athlete’s career and offer numerous perks depending on player performance. 

So, let’s get a kick-start about what these brand new dNFTs have to offer—alongside how the team behind the project achieves such goals: 

What Makes OWNIC “Own It”?

While you can regularly find sport-related digital assets on a range of NFT marketplaces, ones with “career-based” tokens like OWNIC’s are non-existent on these crypto-related hubs. 

OWNIC brings something entirely out of the ordinary to the game. For instance, if the token represents the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion, Marvin Vettori, and he knocks someone out during a match, the NFT will represent the fighter’s success and increase in value. 

So, it’s no wonder why the MMA champion is stoked to be a part of the platform:

You can also find other MMA players like Rafael Dos on the platform—alongside soccer players Manuel Lazzari, Marco Cornesecchi, Simone Verdi and more.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the sports cards will look like from front to back: 

As you can see, this card represents the success of the soccer player Manuel Lazzari.

The same features will apply on all cards issued. OWNIC’s dNFTs use licensed off-chain data that triggers algorithms to dynamically update the metadata and visual attributes of the card depending on the player’s performance. 

OWNIC’S Key Concepts and Utilities

Now you understand how OWNIC changes the culture of sports collectibles by making collectors a part of an athlete’s journey through dNFTs, let’s dig into the concepts of these dNFTs. 

Each card will include: 

  • Gamification for making NFT collecting fun
  • Earnability so collectors can earn rewards through staking (depending on players’ experiences)
  • Governance that gives OWNIC owners voting rights in Club DAO
  • Exclusive interaction through metaverse and physical experiences
  • Timelessness due to the digital assets evolving and functioning throughout an entire athlete’s career
  • Wearable NFTs for personalizing the NFTs and boosting the power of the token 

All concepts are put together across five utilities, including:

  • dNFT staking to represent long-term value of the tokens
  • Virtual Scout, which is an innovative Play-2-Earn scouting competition where dNFT holders reap the rewards depending on Prima Power (xP) performance
  • MetaTeam, where dNFT collectors can assemble a sports club with their digital assets and compete amongst one another 
  • InnerCircle, that gives collectors with high xP the opportunity to unlock rewards like signed merchandise and access to events and the athletes’ metaverse
  • Club DAO, a physical sports club that OWNIC acquires and runs via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Thus, gives collectors voting rights regarding the future of the project

It’s important to note that xP is the root of the dynamism for the cards. xP represents each card’s power that unlocks all the rewards, utilities and experiences mentioned above. 

The Team Behind OWNIC

The ambition behind this project comes as no surprise. Together, the leadership team has been in the blockchain space for more than nine years.

The Founder and CEO, Jaba Dolidze, created one of the first crypto gaming companies, FortuneJack.com, in 2012. Whereas the CTO, George Kiknadze, has a software testing background worth boasting about⁠—mining for the global blockchain company Consesys & Genesis. 

As both sports and crypto fanatics, the team creates this fascinating cacophony of sports-related rewards dependent on achievements through a combination of blockchain technologies. 

The Finish LineGet Involved

To wrap things up, OWNIC showcases the first-ever sports NFT collectibles where an athlete’s career growth and performance are reviewed on a card through dNFTs.

The project achieves such goals by bringing tamper-proof off-chain data on-chain and introducing xP. The power concept of xP represents a card’s utility which changes based on an athlete’s career achievements and gamified on-platform elements.

Cardholders can play games to earn rewards, stake their NFTs, unlock personalized merchandise, interact in exclusive metaverse spaces, and govern a sports club (Club DAO). 

OWNIC will release its first drop of dNFTs on its very own marketplace on August 22.

Collectors can either buy an individual or a pack of these digital assets. Single releases represent cards individually listed, whereas packs include numerous dNFT cards that buyers can only view once purchasing. 

The OWNIC marketplace allows the dNFTs to be used in numerous ways. For example: 

OWNIC Whitepaper Report 

As the graph points out, OWNIC directly sells initial drops through the Transfer Market. Collectors can then exchange their cards (without a fee) through the NFT Swap Market or loan out cards to receive interest in return via the NFT Loan Market

The Squad Burn Challenge then switches things up—daring users to assemble selected collections before burning them on the blockchain in return for significant rewards.

Collectors can also burn individual collections by an Individual NFT Burn, if wanting to risk switching a card in the hope of one with higher rarity. 

Whichever way you decide to partake, the dNFTs are advantageous in numerous ways in terms of utility and fun factor. So, get involved! 

To learn more about this upcoming project, join the OWNIC Discord channel

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