Nike and RTFKT Collaboration: NFTs Evolve into Actual Sneakers

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RTFKT recently made an amazing announcement on its official Twitter page. As per the announcement the NFT Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, made in partnership with digital art design company RTFKT, will now be produced in physical form. It also stated that these sneakers would be available for purchase.

Quick Takes:

  • Nike collaborates with digital art design company RTFKT to create an NFT-based Air Force 1 sneaker, merging the virtual and physical worlds.
  • Japanese artist Takashi Murakami contributes unique, limited-edition designs to the NFT Air Force 1 collection, adding artistic value to the collaboration.
  • A forging event allows eligible NFT Air Force 1 collection holders to exchange their tokens for actual physical sneakers, with shipping expected in the year’s fourth quarter, illustrating a pioneering approach to merging digital and tangible products.
The team announced the launch via their official Twitter account.

Stepping into the Future: NFT Sneakers Turn Real with Nike & RTFKT

A forging event will take place on RTFKT’s official website from April 24 to May 8. Only holders of items from the NFT Air Force 1 collection designed by RTFKT will be eligible to participate in the event. The event will feature Nike’s classic shoe model in various colours and designs. They are limited edition versions created by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. 

Users must buy NFTs of the selected colour from the 10 available choices to participate. Further, users, after choosing a colour, can exchange tokens for new physical footwear. Nike and RTFKT intend to ship the actual Air Force 1 to owners in the year’s fourth quarter.

If a user does not possess digital collectables but wants to participate in the Forging event, they can buy NFTs from the Pre-Forging event collection on OpenSea and other secondary marketplaces. 

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Participation in the event will cost different amounts based on whether or not a digital collectable was previously owned. Participants who possess a digital collectable will only need to pay gas fees for transactions during the Forging event. 

Nike Latest Collaboration

In January, Nike introduced SWOOSH Studio. It is a new community-driven platform that allows users to co-create virtual shoes, accessories, clothes, and other collectibles with renowned Nike designers. Moreover, the platform, which went into beta in January, seeks to provide a venue for Nike fans to co-create the brand’s future by building and displaying their own collections and trading and flexing their virtual creations as in-game wearables. Meanwhile, SWOOSH’s virtual products include:  

  • footwear, 
  • clothing, 
  • accessories, and 
  • other items.

Players can wear these items in games or other immersive experiences. In conclusion, the announcement has definitely created a spark among Nike and NFT followers. Also, it seems that the forging event can turn out to be a game changer for Nike as well as RTFKT.

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