NFTs Join Guinness World Records for the First Time

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The Guinness World Records 2023 states CryptoPunk #5822 is the most expensive NFT in existence

This year, the Guinness World Records began honoring the blockchain’s achievements by highlighting the success of Web3 projects for the first time ever.

Inside of the book, the “Cryptomania” section records the achievements of the blockchain, covering the most trivia achievements relating to Web3.

Quick take:

  • The Guinness World Records includes blockchain projects for the first time
  • The book of achievements states CryptoPunk #5822 is the most expensive NFT
  • It also has a section congratulating Bitcoin for being the first-ever cryptocurrency

But doesn’t Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” deserve a spot in the book of records, considering it’s the most expensive NFT ever to be sold?

Guiness Book of Records

The record keepers omit Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” from the top spot in the Cryptomania section following a technicality. This is hard to believe, considering the NFT sold for a surpassing $69.3 million.

Instead, the Guinness World Records highlights CryptoPunk #5822, stating that it’s the most valuable NFT collectible due to selling for a whopping $23 million (8k ETH).

The book of records also congratulates the curator of Bitcoin for being the first decentralized cryptocurrency ever created:

Therefore, it’s a glorious time for Yuga Labs and Satoshi Nakamoto. They take top spots alongside someone with the world’s most enormous burp, the longest toenails, etc.

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