NFTs From China’s Anti-Lockdown Protests Emerge On OpenSea

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Following ‘utterly extraordinary’ protests in China against the country’s still strict COVID-19 rules, NFTs from the events have made their way to OpenSea. The moments over the past few days in the world’s most populous country have certainly been historical.

Quick Take: 

  • Protests have spread around China in the past few days voicing their opinions against the country’s strict COVID-19 rules.
  • Now, moments from the events have been added to OpenSea as NFTs, with bidding starting at 0.1 ETH.

About the Protests in China

Since coronavirus first arrived in Wuhan, China, the country has been one of the strictest in the world regarding restrictions and laws around lockdowns, which is often titled their ‘zero-COVID policy’.

The China-based protests happened because of a deadly fire last week that killed 10 people in a Urumqi apartment building. It seemed that the country’s lockdown measures delayed the victims receiving help from firefighters. This, of course, led to extreme anger across China.

Although China isn’t in a country-wide lockdown anymore, the national government is still telling local authorities to have strict lockdowns when COVID-19 outbreaks occur. In this particular case, the city has been in a lockdown for 100 days. This forced many people to either stay in the region or within their own homes.

Absurdly, the country’s government laid some blame on the victims for their inability to save themselves. This, of course, accelerated the expansion of protests and fights across the nation.

According to CNN, protests have taken place in “at least 16 locations nationwide. The areas include two of China’s biggest cities, the capital Beijing and the financial center Shanghai.”

The NFTs on OpenSea

After news broke on the protests in China, people were quick to create and begin selling NFTs of the event on OpenSea – the top NFT marketplace.

Immediately, a Polygon blockchain-based collection titled ‘Silent Speech’ came onto the platform. The 135 photos were listed, starting the auction at 0.01 ETH.

Beyond this, a second notable collection of NFTs titled ‘Blank Paper Movement’, features crowds across the nation holding up white pieces of paper, amongst other actions displayed on artwork, across 24 images. These were listed with a starting price of 10 ETH.

Until now, the NFTs haven’t been selling too well. However, the images of the historic events over the past few days still have lots of time to sell. It’s also important to note that the NFTs could have been made by anyone, and they’re not officially licensed in any way.


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