NFT Company, Wanderers, Raises $2M From Investors Including Animoca Brands

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In recent days, modern media brand, Wanderers have raised $2M in a round of seed funding, led by top companies Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures. They become the most recent web3 company to raise multi-million dollars in funding.

Quick Take:

  • Wanderers, the company behind millions of dollars worth of NFT sales, have gained $2 million in a round of seed funding.
  • Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures led it.
  • The company celebrated a year since they were founded in August.

About Wanderers

Wanderers started in August of last year as an 8,888-piece NFT collection. Since, they have built a multimedia brand around the initial project, expanding consistently. The brand is now home to three different collections: The Wanderers (original), the Wandernauts, and the Planet Pass. From these, The Wanderers still remain to be the key to the overall universe.

The company have made incorporating several forms of media a key part of their strategy. Music stands out as a focus – they have been running live, IRL performances, as well as many metaverse-based ones, too. In this metaverse journey, they have acquired land across several platforms, and continue to remain bullish on the space overall. They will be setting aside funds to produce their video game – with the goal of a launch date in 2024.

The brand has done over $17.5M in NFT trading volume and sold over $4.9M worth of NFTs. On OpenSea, the initial project sits at a floor price of 0.07 ETH. It was initially started by Greenawalt – a professional motion designer. He hired a team of creatives (writers, musicians, developers) to built up the project. Interestingly, the entire team didn’t meet up until they had sold millions worth of NFTs.

The Seed Funding Round

Last week, Wanderers announced to their Medium blog that they had received $2 million in funding from investors such as Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures. The former has been an avid investor in several NFT and web3 companies. Founders of The Sandbox metaverse platform, Animoca Brands have also shown trust in 380 companies including Dapper Labs, Sky Mavis, Atarichain, Ledger, and countless more.

“Wanderers is a prime example of innovation in IP,” Yat Siu, the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, mentioned. “The brand succeeds thanks to its art, storytelling, and dedicated community of fans, and its NFTs are an excellent entry point into a universe of gaming, music, and entertainment.”


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