Marvel Studios’ Founder Debuts Ekos Genesis Art Collection

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The Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, David Maisel, has established Mythos Studios. The entertainment company focusing on intellectual property (IP) recently unveiled its Ekos Genesis Art Collection, viewable via a virtual gallery at, auctioning on May 2.

Quick Takes: 

  • The Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, David Maisel, launches Mythos Studios, revealing the Genesis Art Collection.
  • Collectibles from the collection feature artwork by late comic artists Peter Steigerwald and Michael Turner.
  • All digital assets focus on characters from Turner’s unreleased project, Fathom and Ekos.
  • Those highly interested in an Ekos asset must place a deposit of 10 ETH on April 24, before the Dutch auction starts on May 2.

Unveiling the Ekos Genesis Art Collection 

The Ekos Genesis Art Collection showcases original artwork by the late comic artists Michael Turner and his collaborator Peter Steigerwald. Known for contributing to Marvel and DC comics, the duo works together on Turner’s Aspen Comics series. Maisel’s Mythos Studios also owns a 50% stake in Aspen Comics and its associated IP.

The non-fungible token (NFT) collection focuses on characters from Fathom and Ekos, Turner’s unreleased project. Maisel, who’s been a longtime fan of Turner’s work since 2003, crafts each NFT using the iconic aritst’s line art method, consisting of pop art movement and colors, and neon lights.

These NFTs expect to be a sell-out — a two-piece digital collection of Turner’s artwork sold for $100,000 in 2021. 

Purchasing an Ekos NFT 

Ekos Genesis Art collectibles will start as a Dutch auction of 995 individual NFTs on May 2 at 10 am (PT). The date coincides with Iron Man’s 15 anniversary, which launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The auction will take place for 88 minutes at a starting price of 10 ETH, decreasing by 0.5 ETH every four minutes until reaching 0.5 ETH and dropping to 0.2 ETH for the last eight minutes — if the collection is not a sell-out beforehand.

Those highly interested in an NFT can place a deposit for one of the collectibles starting April 24 at 10 am (PT). Collectors who deposit 10 ETH before May 1 can secure a piece of Ekos Genesis Art before the Dutch auction.

With the digital art world continuously growing, this NFT project serves as a testament to the potential for digital art and collectibles to bring together diverse intellectual properties and commemorate the artistic legacy of prominent creators.

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