LG and Oorbit Collaborate to Bring the Metaverse to TVs

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LG and Oorbit collaborate with a leading metaverse platform – PIXELYNX – to bring 3D, innovative worlds to peoples living rooms

Cloud Web3 service, Oorbit, revealed its partnership with LG Electronics. The collaboration aims to bring interoperable virtual worlds to LG TVs, allowing users to experience immersive games and other virtual experiences in a way that has never been seen before.

Quick Take: 

  • The cloud Web3 service Oorbit partners with LG Electronics to bring metaverse experiences to TVs.
  • This collaboration brings interoperable virtual worlds to LG TVs through the metaverse platform PIXELYNX.
  •  Users can transfer their digital identities from one virtual experience to another.
LG and Oorbit Collaborate

Oorbit Offers Virtual Worlds on LG TVs

After working on the hardware, networking, and software layers necessary for creating a metaverse suitable for LG TVs for nearly a decade, Oorbit finally achieved its goals.

Oorbit offers super high-fidelity interconnected virtual worlds using cloud streaming technology, including virtual concerts on ELYNXIR from PIXELYNX and AI-generated multiplayer games in Auxuman’s Auxworld.

 “We’re thrilled to work with LG, a global electronics leader, and Oorbit to bring ELYNXIR by PIXELYNX to countless living rooms,“

commented Inder Phull, co-founder and CEO of PIXELYNX.

“PIXELYNX is building one of the largest metaverse distribution networks for interactive music formats, and this partnership presents an impactful opportunity to showcase the engaging power of gaming and music. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our network to life through LG televisions.”

Users can take their digital identity from one experience to another, making achievements and purchases portable between metaverse virtual worlds.

LG and Oorbit Collaborate

What’s Next?

LG’s vision and extensive reach make it possible for Oorbit to increase accessibility to the metaverse through their Smart TVs.

This innovative technology presents an opportunity for brands to bring their products into the virtual world of the metaverse.

Such tech generates a buzz about the potential for further metaverse innovations to emerge in 2023.

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