LandVault and Chainlink Labs Hinge to Build on the Metaverse

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LandVault and Chainlink are building new and exciting ways to accelerate and boost a new future of business on the metaverse

LandVault and Chainlink Labs are channeling ways to accelerate the growth of Web3 experiences. The Web3 powerhouses are building real estate on the metaverse, using Chainlink Lab’s industry-standard oracle solutions and LandVault’s proprietary technology and tools.

Quick Take: 

  • Chainlink partners with LandVault to spearhead metaverse building and consulting services.
  • The metaverse aims to include a new generation of businesses, projects, startups, etc.
Screenshot from LandVault’s official website

LandVault and Chainlink aim to bring a new generation of businesses, projects, startups, etc., to Web3 metaverse platforms—to help toward the growth and adoption of such media.

Both companies can assist in positive changes in different ways. For example, Land Vault provides technical support and consultancy services to metaverse projects.

Furthermore, Chainlink is crucial in industry verticals like DeFi, insurance, NFT, and gaming. The oracle network supports new ecosystem projects from an infrastructural and development lens.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with LandVault to help onboard both Web2 and Web3 projects with the oracle services and tools they need to bring novel metaverse experiences to life,”

says Kate Lane, Partnerships at Chainlink Labs.

Already, LandVault has much experience building metaverse experiences. Look at the success of Decentraland Fashion Week and the World of Women, for instance.

“Chainlink plays a critical role across the most widely adopted Web3 verticals, including NFTs and metaverse applications. We’re excited to accelerate the adoption of Chainlink by introducing its world-class oracle services to our network of clients and partners,”

continues Sam Huber, CEO at LandVault.

On this plus side, LandVault also has more than 120 in-house developers working around the clock to assist in bringing clients’ visions to the surface.

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