‘just shockey’ Wins Gala Music Competition, Duets with Jordin Sparks

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Web3 music titan Gala Music grants the emerging artist ‘just shockey‘ the exclusive opportunity to record a track with American Idol’s youngest winner and platinum-selling artist, Jordin Sparks. This astounding opportunity rose to fame following a riveting music competition at VeeCon.

Quick Takes: 

  • Emerging artist ‘just shockey’ wins Gala Music’s Open Mic competition, earning the notable opportunity to record a track with Sparks.
  • The music competition empowered fans, involving them in the voting process, picking their number one artist.
  • Gala Music leverages blockchain technology for talent discovery through NFT music projects, disrupting conventional systems to give artists full music ownership.
Gala Music’s mobile music studio.

Gala Music’s Hunt for Talent

Gala Music directly engages with artists by distinguishing itself in talent discovery for NFT music projects, eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries. The Web3 music project’s presence at VeeCon further exemplified its commitment to harnessing the potential of the blockchain through hosting an open mic competition.

The event was a game-changer, combining the music community with Web3 technology like never before. Participants utilized Gala’s state-of-the-art mobile studio to demonstrate their musical prowess, where a range of exceptional talents emerged from the woodwork, strutting their stuff and presenting all they have. 

VeeCon reached its climax during Gala’s open mic competition, spotlighting the final three artists delivering extraordinary performances and culminating in a memorable finale featuring Sparks.

Bringing attendees into the limelight, everyone cherry-picked their favorite artist out of the three, deciding who was most deserving of collaborating with Sparks on a track through a community vote. The Gala music competition generated unprecedented excitement, with fans rallying to support their go-to musicians.

The winning artist of Gala Music’s Open Mic Competition, ‘just shockey’.

The Show-Stealer

After an overwhelming response, ‘just shockey’ emerged as the winner following the conclusion of the voting process.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in Gala Music’s Open Mic competition,” said ‘just shockey’. “Being able to express myself authentically and have my music heard without the constraints of the traditional music industry was a truly empowering experience as an artist. I am thrilled to continue this transformative journey with Gala Music, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of music.”

Gala Music eagerly awaits the release of just shockey’s highly anticipated track “Who Cares?” with Sparks. This collaboration promises to be acoustic-driven with a harmonious blend of compelling lyrics, captivating melodies, and remarkable vocals, showcasing the exceptional talents of both artists.

With this pivotal tune, the Web3 music company aims to redefine how fans engage with their favorite artists’ music by providing unprecedented access and rewards.

“We are thrilled to witness the remarkable success of ‘just shockey’ in our Open Mic competition,” said Sarah Buxton, CEO of Gala Music. “This collaboration with Jordin Sparks perfectly embodies Gala Music’s mission — to bring the world a new way to play by revolutionizing the music industry, giving artists ownership of their music, fans more access, and greater rewards for everyone.”

Not only has this event been musically captivating, but an indicative paradigm shift in the entertainment world, showcasing Gala Music’s vision for artist empowerment and improved fan engagement.

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