FLUF World [ NFT Review 2022]

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Launched in August 2021 by Non-Fungible Labs, a creative studio in New Zealand, FLUF World aims to become a metaverse ecosystem of virtual land, music and games. FLUF World originally started as a collection of 10,000 3D rabbit avatars known as Flufs, programmatically generated from over 270 traits, on the Ethereum blockchain. The FLUF World team later added the Party Bear collection, the Thingies collection, the Burrows collection, and the Scenes and Sounds collection. The Scenes and Sounds collection was purposefully created to allow FLUF holders the opportunity to add customizable music or backgrounds to their NFTs. Burrows are virtual metaspaces found inside the FLUF metaverse that FLUF holders can purchase for their NFTs.

During the first five weeks of its launch, FLUF World was able to achieve a staggering $42 million in sales. While most NFT projects feature 2D, low-quality, static images, the FLUF NFTs are both 3D and in motion.

Through breeding male and female NFT rabbits, you can create fluflets. These fluflets take on the combined traits of their parents. 


FLUF World is known for its innovative out-of-home approach to marketing, seen in physical conferences such as SXSW and the Art Basel in Miami.

FLUF World recently ran a four-day “pop-up village” at SXSW 22, and became one of the most talked-about projects in the entire festival. The FLUF World section at SXSW consisted of a closed-off area with a bar and buffet where members of the FLUF community could interact with one another. FLUF World also held panel discussions, VR activities, and artist workshops. FLUF World also featured DJ sets and music performances during the evenings.

FLUF created the FLUF Haus arm of the company in order to create and facilitate IRL experiences for the brand and “merge the physical and digital worlds.” FLUF previously created immersive “pop-up” experiences at SXSW, the Art Basel, and in Los Angeles during the most recent Super Bowl. 

Throughout their time at SXSW, the FLUF team pledged to advocate for an “open metaverse”, and asked members of their community to sign their “Metaverse Manifesto.” The FLUF World team expressed their desire to weave “ethics, diversity, and sustainability into the fabrics of their community” and upend the currently male-dominated Web 3.0 ecosystem.


 The origins of the Flufs are purposefully enigmatic. Some argued that the Flufs are from another planet or dimension, or the Flufs had inhabited the planet for millions of years before the beginning of humanity. The Flufs had spent centuries forming an extensive labyrinth of tunnels underground simply known as “the underground.” Sometime during the 20th century, after an event known as “the wreck” occurred, there was a great meeting of fluffy creatures. The meeting took place at “the great tree” and was the largest convergence of the species in history. After witnessing the horrific and destructive nature of mankind, the flufs decided to work together to make the world a better place. 


FLUF recently announced that it was teaming up with decentralized node network Sylos in order to launch Seekers NFTs. The Seekers are “metaverse-ready” 3D animated robots. The Seekers NFTs help FLUF World build an open metaverse that is interoperable with other NFTs. 

The FLUF team also announced that it was launching a mobile app for FLUF holders, and was working on ways to merge FLUF World with other NFT metaverses such as The Sandbox or Decentraland. 

FLUF World has teased an upcoming racing game for holders as well as collaborations with big names such as Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and even Eminem. 

FLUF World is a blue-chip NFT project like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks. FLUF World’s growth is largely due to its innovative, out-of-home marketing campaign. Owning a FLUF gives holders access to exclusive content that pertains to both the physical and digital worlds, such as festivals and concerts. The FLUF community can expect more IRL experiences, immersive VR experiences, and future NFT collections that serve as additions to the FLUF World. 


Outlier Ventures, which invested in Fluf World, wrote that Fluf World is an NFT franchise that builds upon the extremely popular P2E game Axie Infinity. Like Axie Infinity, Fluf World acts as both an NFT collection and P2E economy. But FLUF is superior, as it creates a complex and immersive universe through physi-digital content and experiences across the metaverse.

Fluf World is attracting interest from well-established venture capitalist firms and celebrities. It has consistently ranked as one of the best-selling collections on OpenSea. While a Fluf NFT is certainly not a cheap investment at this point, those who are current FLUF NFT holders will certainly reap a myriad of benefits in the future.


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