Dookey Dash Pro-Gamer Claims Being the Winner

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BAYC members celebrate a Dookey Dash player claiming he is the champion. But has he won the key lodged up Jimmy the Monkey’s *ahem*?

In the exciting world of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) community, Dookey Dash players have been racing through the sewers until the game came to an end just yesterday.

As a result, professional gamer “Mongraal” claimed he is the winner.

Quick Take: 

  • BAYC’s game, Dookey Dash, came to an end yesterday.
  • Mongraal claimed he is the winner on Twitter, with 928,522 points.
  • However, BAYC took to Twitter to announce they will be taking additional time to review Sewer Pass scores.
Dookey Dash

Dookey Dash Winner – Truth or False?

Out of the BAYC and MAYC communities, 25,453 players participated against each other a collective 7,618,000 times over the last 21 days while playing Dookey Dash. And, following high demand, Yuga Labs earnt more than $10M in secondary sales.

The revolutionary play-to-earn game came to an end yesterday (February 8, 2023). However, there, of course, is only one winner — and Mongraal claimed it’s himself with a whopping 928,522 points. (Considering many participants have admitted to only reaching around 200k with their Tier 1 passes, this is an extremely high score.)

The pro-gamer took to Twitter to announce winning the game:

On the Tweet, he also shared the last 3+ minutes from his rank one score to show off his gaming talents. As you can see, he had to dodge many hurdles to get to the finish line (check out 2:11 — he drives through a fan!).

Many BAYC and MAYC members took to the post’s comment section to congratulate Mongraal. One follower humorously wrote on the thread: “Absolutely epic, congrats on the finish. The future of Jimmy’s butthole is in your hands now.”

However, BAYC took to Twitter to announce the NFT project is taking additional time to review Sewer Pass scores. As a consequence, Yuga Labs will reveal the final leaderboard on February 15.

This recent news has left fans confused about whether or not Mongraal is getting ahead of himself. Now, players need to wait one more week to find out the truth about the championship.

In the meantime — to take your mind off the key’s whereabouts — here is what’s next for Dookey Dash players.

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