An Unforgettable EXIT Festival Experience, Granted by NFT-TiX

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Following the aftermath of EXIT Festival, which brought in around 200,000 attendees, an NFT-TiX entrance ticket, purchased for a mighty €10,000, opened up a festival journey like no other.

Quick Takes: 

  • EXIT Festival saw a record-breaking €10,000 NFT ticket purchase via NFT-TiX.
  • The NFT granted the ticket buyer VIP access to renowned DJs, luxury accommodations and more.
  • Half of all proceeds from NFT-TiX’s sales go toward charitable endeavors.

A Boundless EXIT Experience via NFT-TiX 

The €10,000 NFT ticket — raising the bar on the Avalanche platform — was more than an entry pass to the four-day electronic festival in Serbia.

The NFT beneficiary, Bora Demirsü, enjoyed an array of extra perks beyond standard festival access. The benefits included VIP access to exclusive areas, enabling him to share intimate experiences with renowned DJs, including Nina Kraviz, Burak Yeter and Vylana Marcus, while enjoying a budding romance at the same time.

Moreover, other exclusive treats included a stay at the bougie Leopold Hotel inside the Petrovaradin Fortress, airport transfers and EXIT Festival’s VIP team being on the other side of his phone line around the clock.

Demirsü wrote a heartfelt letter to EXIT expressing his gratitude: “The festival exceeded all my expectations. I got to meet many artists whose music I listen to daily. I even got to chat with them on stage and at the Leopold Hotel.”

With such perks, it is no surprise that EXIT Festival and NFT-TiX are successfully innovating the NFT ticket sales landscape — as proven by high demand and costly ticket sales.

Through the power of blockchain technology, NFT-TiX offers a transparent way to buy and sell tickets for numerous events. What’s more, the ticketing firm opens limitless real-world rewards while ensuring convenience and security.

Half of all proceeds made from its ticket sales also go toward charitable works.

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