Everything About FEWOCiOUS’ Paint Drop NFT Collection

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About FEWOCiOUS’ successful “Paint Drop NFT” collection, and what’s next for the well-renowned 19-year-old digital artist

Victor Langlois, otherwise known as “FEWOCiOUS”, is no stranger to making a quick fix of cash from non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

After raking in $3.1 million by generating digital sneakers in partnership with the Nike-owned NFT collection, RTFKT, the 19-year-old artist raised $19 million his “Paint Drop” NFT sale—“the building block” of his new generative art project, FewoWorld.

But what makes FEWOCiOUS’s Paint Drop NFT art more desirable than other digital collectibles circling the space?

Paint Drop NFT

Perks of the Paint Drop NFT Collection

FEWOCiOUS’ Paint Drop NFT collection—consisting of 30,198 paint units—is like nothing he, nor anyone else, has created before.

The young artist partnered with Nifty Gateway to launch the digital assets on April 3, and boy oh boy, was it a success.

To entice customers, check out the road map and the use cases the Paint Drop NFTs included:

  • Collectors could purchase Paint Units in exchange for Paint Drop NFTs representing the number of units acquired.
  • The more units bought, the more rewards FEWOCiOUS issues via FewoWorld.
  • The top 50 buyers were eligible for their trophy NFT and custom pieces created by FEWOCiOUS, otherwise known as Fewos’.
  • The sale opened to FEWOCiOUS NFT holders before the general public. FEWICiOUS NFT holders could acquire NFTs for $500, whereas the general public could buy the NFTs for double the amount ($1k).

Despite the original cost of the digital assets, the Paint Drop NFTs were soon found on secondary marketplaces for auction and trading purposes. Following this, one the digital assets alone sold for $260k (515 ETH).

Reports suggest that prominent industry actors purchased the NFTs to support the young lad. Hence, the high cost for just one Paint Drop NFT alone.

Paint Drop NFT

Next Steps for Paint Drop NFT – Hello, FewoWorld

The funds from FEWOCiOUS’s NFT sales meant he could start building on FewoWorld, a Web3 universe created by himself and the Web3 community.

Included in the proejct are three main assets, Paint, Canvas and Fewos:

  • Paint is the building block of FewWorld. All paint members will be able to unlock rewards, including Canvas and Fewos. Not forgetting, the more paint, the better the rewards (click here to buy paint).
  • Canvas is a reward for top paint holders and “paint party” attendees.
  • Fewos is the name for FEWOCiOUS’s limited-edition art pieces that will be floating around in the space.

    All features play a significant role in the building of this community-built universe.
Paint Drop NFT

Requirements and Tips – How to Join

Nearly all FEWOCiOUS’s NFT collectors are eligible to partake in the presale to join FewoWorld. The only FEWOCiOUS drops not acceptable includes the ComplexCon x FEWOCiOUS collaboration.

Therefore, FEWOCiOUS OfficialFEWOCiOUS x RTFKTFabricated Fairytales Collaboration, Fewo World TrophyFewo World Mini CharmGrowing Up I’m ScaredLooking in the MirrorNYC Skyline and Hello, i’m Victor FEWOCiOUS and This is My Life! are all acceptable for joining FewoWorld.

The cheapest entry into this upcoming Web3 world is through FEWOCiOUS’s NFT collection, Two Feet, which minted on NiftGateway in 2021. The collection includes two NFTs, CryptoCaster and City Hand, which have a floor price of just 2.18 ETH at this time of writing.

Although, for now, it’s vital to remember that the more paint you have, the more chance you have at attending FewoWorld, reaping benefits and unlocking rewards. So, get purchasing and painting!

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