Doodles x Camp Join Hands to Host Real-World Family Fun

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Doodles — the NFT brand famous for its quirky pastel-hued Ethereum characters — unites with Camp to engage a new audience through immersive, real-world family fun starting August 19.

Quick Takes: 

  • Doodles collaborates with Camp to explore real-world entertainment opportunities.
  • Camp is renowned in the USA for hosting immersive spaces for families and children.
  • Already existing Doodle members will have early access to the event space in Chicago.
  • The public can get in on the action by purchasing a ticket for $28.

Fusing the Magic of NFTs with Real-World Entertainment

Doodles is joining forces with Camp, a company renowned for hosting immersive party venues, toy stores and entertainment spaces. The NFT brand is ready to expand its ecosystem through this collaboration, targeting families with children by launching real-world innovative retail experiences alongside a play area in Chicago suitable for all.

Existing Doodle holders will get complimentary access to the event space, including an exclusive ribbon-cutting experience, and the chance to bring up to five guests. Conversely, non-Doodlers can partake in hour-long immersive Doodle x Camp experiences for just $28 a ticket.

Once entering the world of Doodles x Camp, both old and new Doodlers can expect to:

  • Create their own Doodles characters.
  • Participate in revolutionary games.
  • Design out-of-the-ordinary crafts.
  • Venture through ‘Lost Caves’ and ‘Cosmic Clouds’.
  • Purchase co-branded Doodles x Camp merchandise.

    The Doodles x Camp store will also run a 2,000-square-foot ‘Canteen’, whereby a ‘Slime Station’ can be found, acting as an event space that can host children’s birthday parties and more.

A Meaningful Milestone for Doodles

Doodle’s enhancement into real-world events marks a meaningful milestone for the OG NFT brand, which initially originated as PFP NFTs. Despite already reaping in success — securing a $54 million funding round, acquiring Golden Wolf Studios to enhance animations, Pharrell Williams as CBO, each digital asset currently standing at around $2,950 (1.55 ETH) apiece, and more — the brand is ready to soar to even greater heights.

Alongside this new venture in Chicago, Doodles is working toward expanding its presence through other Camp locations — to delve even further into the mainstream market with more cutting-edge adventures.

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