Doodles Onboards New Leaders to Help Boost Production

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It all started with a new Doodle (or three!). Doodles onboards Web3 talents with contrasting backgrounds to enhance its output

Doodles is on a roll this month, acquiring award-winning animation firm Golden Wolf, and onboarding three new talented individuals to its leadership team.

Quick Take: 

  • Doodles has expanded its leadership team with three new hires: Austin Hurwitz, Head of Business Development; Joe Ranzenbach, Head of Product Management; and Jay Ciruolo, Lead of Frontend Engineering.
  • All new team members have unique skills to enhance Doodles’ output.
  • They will assist in the production of all new products for Doodles’ community members to enjoy.

Building a Stronger Team for Doodle Development

Addressing the need for fresh new skills and perspectives, Doodles has recently expanded its team by welcoming three new talents with open arms. 

The blue-chip NFT project saw more than $500M in trading volume in its first year. Naturally, therefore, it has a solid reputation to live up to. 

To embark on a successful new year, the company welcomes Austin Hurwitz, Joe Ranzenbach, and Jay Ciruolo to its table. These highly talented individuals will play a vital role in driving the company’s success by representing expertise in business management, product management, and frontend engineering. 

Doodles’ new Head of Business Development, Hurwitz, is the founder of the Web3 advisory firm, Chasing Curiosity. Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous jobs surrounding Web3 music, with the role of Content Acquisition Manager for Amazon Music being one.

Doodles’ new Head of Business Development took to Twitter to share the good news after his successful first day:

On the other hand, Doodles’ new Head of Product Management, Joe Ranzenbanch, has previously worked for Carlytics – an advertising platform in banks’ digital channels – as the Vice President.

Like Hurwitz, he also shared his excitement about joining Doodles’ team on Twitter:

Last but not least, Jay Ciruolo, a seasoned professional with more than 17 years of experience designing and building products, has also joined Doodles. But differently, Ciruolo is the Lead of Frontend Engineering.

Like Doodles’ other recent lead members, Ciruolo also took to Twitter to raise awareness and joy about his new role:

Moreover, he has experience as the Director of Engineering at AssetBlock, a travel technology startup, and formerly served as a Senior Software Design Engineer at Hubspot, a CRM platform with software, integrations, and resources necessary for connecting marketing, content management and sales.

Final Thoughts – The Power of New Leaders

Reflecting on the new team members’ mixture of skills, it looks like this year will be a successful one for the cute cartoon characters with a steady community. 

Considering that Doodles’ recently appointed the world-famous American Rapper, Pharrel Williams, as Chief Brand Officer, this year is especially important for the brand.

Doodles also recently raised $45 million in funding, led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, just before the new year. Therefore, not only does it have the team necessary, but also the financial resources to reach new heights.

In the NFT space, the advantages of BAYC onboarding Daniel Alegre as CEO is already noticeable. Since joining the BAYC team, the NFT project’s Sewer Pass has reached $10M in secondary sales, and its new game Dookey Dash is revolutionizing play-to-earn games. 

Now, it is an exciting time to see what Doodles’ new leaders bring to this digital realm.

According to Doodles’ LinkedIn page, the company is also still looking to expand its team with other job openings: Head of marketing, head of business affairs, and senior front-end engineer.

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