Discussing All Things Web3 With a Crypto Entrepreneur [Interview With Aleksander Blomquist, Otrai Founder]

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NFT Lately chats with Aleksander Blomquist—the crypto entrepreneur behind Web3 projects that provide trading information, communication tools and more

Crypto Entrepreneur

Please tell me about yourself and your crypto projects

At school, I studied business because of wanting to be an entrepreneur. Now, I am a self-taught web developer and crypto entrepreneur whose most passionate about tech, programming, finance, and gaming—crypto touches upon each of them.

Following this, I run a small web development company that focuses on building websites in the crypto space. In addition, we plan to develop smart contracts to deploy blockchain programs in the future.

What is your most significant project to date? 

We’ve just launched Otrai, which provides extensive information for learning where to trade over 300 instruments online with and without leverage. This includes where to trade the top 200 cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world. 

Our simple ranking algorithm ranks the crypto exchanges for each instrument based on what filters the user has set. However, as the APIs available at the different exchanges and other brokers don’t usually include information about max leverage for each instrument, we had to dig out that manually.

The website took a lot of hard work to put together, but now that it is live, it should be easy to manage.

Please discuss what Web3 means to you, and what you think the future of Web3 looks like? 

Real ownership of digital items and digital money (NFTs and cryptocurrencies) is the main thing for me regarding Web3.

When I was younger, I used to play many MMOs; buying and selling items and doing business within these games was my favorite thing. However, since the in-game economies was blocked off from the real economy, it could only become a hobby. With crypto and metaverses, I am excited that other people who love playing games can make a living off it soon.

I see many possibilities for adding real economic value to things like games and websites, but also many hurdles related to what will be allowed by the people who write the rules and what will not be permitted. Nevertheless, I try to focus on the positives and be excited for what will be possible—rather than grumping over over-regulation, which we see in many parts of society today.

How would you like the future of Web3 to look? 

To me, the most important thing is that there won’t be too many rules restricting innovation. I am confident that if you let businesses, developers, and idealists build exciting things, they will come up with something I can’t even imagine now.

However, some things that are powerful and already being built are digital identities and zero-knowledge proofs. Being able to verify my identity and business identity easier would be awesome. It can be really cumbersome today.

Another benefit I hope to see real soon is fast international payments with low transaction fees. In many cases, the charges for exchange rates and fees today are just excessive.

What’s in the pipeline for your crypto projects?

We’ve been hard at work with a couple of new crypto-related projects, of which the most interesting one probably is Discussier.

The idea and reasoning behind developing yet another tool for online communication is that there is a need for a forum solution with modern features.

As you can see from Google search data, forums are rarely searched. However, I’ve always loved participating in them. Unfortunately, I think much of the time, they are seen, more and more, as a relic of the past.

With Discussier, we hope to bring long forum discussions back into people’s crypto-communication stack. The site will launch sometime in November 2022. I would invite anyone interested to follow @discussier on Twitter. We will have some pretty fantastic launch giveaways.

How can we keep in the loop with your projects and you? 

If you want to learn more about myself as a crypto entrepreneur and my projects, you can follow me via my personal Twitter, business Twitter and LinkedIn.

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