Coming Soon: Opera Crypto Browser to Enable NFT Minting in Real-Time

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Alteon Launchpad assists Opera Crypto Browser to enable NFT minting in real-time via a new tool for all creatives around the globe

Opera Crypto Browser and Alteon Launchpad partner to create a tool that enables users to drag and drop files into a browser, turn the file into an NFT, and write a smart contract on the blockchain hassle-free.

Quick Take: 

  • Alteon Launchpad has created a tool for Opera that allows all users to create NFTs easily.
  • The NFTs come with smart contracts and will be sellable on NFT marketplaces.
  • Opera’s browser will highlight this tool for the first time in the first quarter of 2023.
Opera Crypto Browser to Enable NFT Minting

Alteon’s Launchpad for Opera – The Main Benefits 

Opera Crypto Browser, the world’s first multi-platform Web3 browser, will soon be giving millions of users the ability to upload media to a blockchain and create it into NFTs, thanks to a new partnership with Alteon Launchpad.

Alteon Launchpad is a product of Alteon, a cloud-based platform created for creators. Moreover, Alteon integrates with tech giants, including Abode and Apple, to create workflows⁠—to ensure its tool is robust and suitable for all to discover and enjoy.

Following this, users (even those with little or no experience in Web3) can use the new tool, uploading and transforming files into NFTs and writing a simple, smart contract.

Moreover, the tool empowers artists from around the globe, therefore of all backgrounds, to partake in the Web3 creator economy.

“With Alteon LaunchPad, we are allowing users to contribute freely to this ecosystem. Now, our users will be able to create NFTs instantly and simply with no platform usage fees, encouraging more people to explore the burgeoning NFT industry.”

said Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, in a press release. 

Another plus side includes allowing users to explore Web3 privately and securely.

Opera Crypto Browser to Enable NFT Minting

What’s Next? How to Use the Tool and Upcoming Availability

In the first quarter of 2023, you will see the Alteon Launchpad icon on the left-hand sidebar of Opera’s browser for the first time. Once clicking on the icon, users can enable NFT minting. They can create NFTs by dragging and dropping media files into the launchpad and creating smart contracts.

Users can then share their NFTs with whomever they wish or sell them on private NFT marketplaces.

Not forgetting, for extra security purposes, users must send all NFTs to a crypto wallet supported by Opera. The wallet will easily be available to create on Opera after the launch.

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