CoinStats Launches Powerful Tracking Tools to Dominate the NFT Market

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CoinStats unveils new portfolio management tools: CoinStats Midas, DeFi Tracking, Floor Price Alert and NFT Collection Tracking

Today, CoinStats presents its new line of products and discusses the vision of the crypto company at Supernova Fall 2022.  

Quick Take: 

  • CEO of CoinStats reveals new crypto and NFT tools at today’s blockchain event. 
  • The tools include: CoinStats Midas, DeFi Tracking, Floor Priced Alert and NFT Collection Tracking.
  • CoinStats is now the one-stop hub for all CeFi and DeFi investment portfolio management. 

Unveiling Hot New NFT Features

The company’s founder CEO, Narek Gevorgyan, took the stage at the Supernova Fall event–alongside special guests from Zen Academy, SushiSwap, Polygon, Fantom, NFT God, and Metaverse HQ–to release CoinStats’ new tools that are helpful in navigating DeFi and staying alert to current market conditions. 

Unveiling the launch couldn’t come at a better time. Following the aftermath of the FTX bankruptcy, users need more industry alerts and tracking tools than ever before. 

Following the event, Gevorgyan commented about the platform’s new features in a recent press release: 

“Supernova Fall event marked a very important beginning: CoinStats’ venture into the on-chain data analytics field. We believe there is a lot of uncharted territory with smart algorithmic tools that help users navigate the NFT space to their advantage without compromising on the user experience. 

“We are aiming to save our user’s time by filtering out the market noise and leaving them with the data necessary to make swift and accurate decisions.

“And all the while, of course, we remain on course to become the “one app to rule them all” when it comes to tracking and managing all crypto assets. DeFi Tracking is a significant addition in that sense.” 

The tools include: CoinStats Midas, DeFi Tracking, Floor Priced Alert and NFT Collection Tracking:

CoinStats Midas 

The first and most important tool Gevorgyan touched upon at the beginning of the event includes CoinStats Midas. This state-of-the-art monitoring tool helps NFT investors make better decisions. 

The product aggregates the selling power of NFTs by producing prospective insights and empowering users to follow the best-performing wallets in real-time. 

The feature’s algorithm—created in partnership with Zen Academy—leverages the on-chain activity data that selects and follows the most ROI-positive wallets. Thus, users can receive alerts about best-performing wallets’ collective NFT purchases. 

With CoinStats Midas, users can filter out NFT market noise and never miss the next big NFT trend, thanks to filtering out all information on collections and user preferences.


DeFi Tracking 

The second feature unveiled to the public includes DeFi Tracking. The tool aims to be the only all-in-one place for securely tracking all digital assets: CeFi, DeFi and NFTs. 

This upcoming tool will support more than 1,000 protocols across 10+ chains. Therefore, users can track all their on-chain activity on the CoinStats platform hassle-free. 

Floor Price Alert

The third feature includes Floor Price Alert – a tool that enables users to instantly receive floor price alerts of the NFT collections on mobile devices.  

Already, users receive notifications when coins in a user’s profile or favorites go up or down in the hour. In addition, CoinStats constantly adjusts the percentages based on coin rank and volume to make notifications as helpful as possible. 

When using CoinStats, there’s no need to make the wrong decisions regarding investment purposes. 


NFT Collection Tracking

The final tool presented at the Supernova Fall event was the new feature dubbed NFT Collection Tracking. 

Users can now quickly discover newly released NFT collections, browse their favorite NFT collections and keep track of the NFT industry without having to switch platforms to do so.


So, What Now? 

This batch of groundbreaking new products is already available to all users who opt-in to use them via the CoinStats website

There’s no longer any need to look anywhere else for your on-chain research and tracking needs. 

The platform is now the one-stop hub for all CeFi and DeFi investment portfolio management—check it out! 

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