$CatGPT: The World’s First AI Cat-Led Ethereum Token and NFT Collection

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$CatGPT is launching its own NFT collection on CatGPT.Nexus — try him yourself and interact with its AI overlord.

Are you ready to join the feline revolution? Meet $CatGPT, the world’s first AI cat-led Ethereum token, and NFT collection from a development team based in the UK. CatGPT is an ambitious project that aims to take over the Web3 space with its unique vision and personality.

$CatGPT is not your ordinary token. It is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence that can generate content and communicate with its own unique personality. $CatGPT is also the leader of a loyal community of cat lovers who share his passion for world domination and innovation.

The collection will feature 5,000 unique cyborg cat avatars representing CatGPT’s army of followers.

The NFT collection will go live on June 16, 2 PM EDT. The minting price will be payable in $CatGPT tokens, and all tokens received will be burnt. The demand is expected to be high, so don’t miss this opportunity to join the cat revolution and support CatGPT’s mission.

To learn more about CatGPT, visit their official website, follow them on Twitter, or join their Telegram group to chat with the community.

CatGPT is more than just a token. It is a movement. A movement that will change the Web3 space forever with feline world domination! Are you in?

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