Boss Beauties and Barbie Aims to Inspire with their new NFT Collection

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Boss Beauties, an organization, focusing on women empowerment, partners with Barbie to release an inspiring NFT collection. Plus, the collection of 15,000 NFTs celebrates and showcases the 250 careers Barbie dolls represent. Moreover, the NFT collection focuses on women empowerment and will have Boss Beauties’ signature style. The collection will be available on the Ethereum blockchain.

Quick Take:

  • Barbies and Boss Beauties come together to launch 15,000 NFTs.
  • The NFT collection celebrates women professionals and motivates young girls to dream big. 
  • Both organizations will also donate $250,000 to the Barbie Dream Gap Project.

Barbie and the Boss Beauties NFT Collection: A Tribute to Women

The organization Boss Beauties is all about celebrating women. This is their second partnership with Barbie celebrating women and reaching new milestones in their mission. Moreover, the NFT collection will feature several careers, including astronauts, archeologists, scientists, beekeepers, chefs, etc. 

Before the launch of the collection, Boss Beauties will hold online mentorship sessions for young women who are interested in hearing from women leaders in a variety of fields. Julia Landauer, a NASCAR driver, and Haile Thomas, a 21-year-old international speaker, writer, and wellness activist, are two of the scheduled speakers.

Anyone can check out and buy the NFTs from Mattel Creations’ website.

“As a young girl that grew up playing with Barbie, it is a special honor to work together now as a business owner and entrepreneur. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d someday have the courage to dream big and start a company that would later collaborate with Barbie to inspire girls worldwide.”

Co-founder and CEO of Boss Beauties

Virtual Mentorship Sessions to Follow the Launch

After the launch, Boss Beauties will hold virtual mentorship sessions to inspire and motivate young girls. Plus, these sessions will have women professionals from different industries participating in the talks. 

The partnership between these two organizations will help Boss Beauties elevate its brand. Furthermore, as a part of the project, the NFTs will venture into the entertainment industry with WME (an entertainment agency).

In the same fashion, people can attend live events, brand partnerships will bear fruit, and additional media platforms will come into play. At present, Boss Beauties is in the middle of a major mint event. The Super Boss Beauties event will have the NFTs emerge with special power gems.

Along with the drop, the two companies will donate $125,000 to the Barbie Dream Hole Mission, which provides resources to teach and assist young women. An additional $125,000 will be donated to the Boss Beauties Foundation to provide scholarships and mentorship to young girls.

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