Beeple to Exhibit Physical Art Gallery, Beeple Studios

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Renowned NFT artists XCOPY, Refik Anadol, Pak, DeeKay Motion, Blake Kathryn, etc., will showcase at Beeple Studios

⁠⁠On top of delving into the physical world by creating his own book showcasing the digital artworks from his NFT, “Everydays: the first 5000 days”, Beeple is also opening a real-world studio, “Beeple Studios”.

Quick Take

  • Beeple Studios will open its doors for the very first time on March 22 in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The NFT artist collaborated with Christie’s for the grand opening event.
  • Attendees can see feature artworks from famous NFT artists among Beeple’s masterpieces.
  • One of the main goals behind the studio is to expose NFT art to new audiences.

Beeple Studios: What to Expect

Two years after Beeple’s “Everdays: The First 5,000 Days” NFT sold for $69 million, the NFT artist is now collaborating with Christie’s for the grand opening event of his real-world studio.

Beeple hopes to boost NFT interest, bringing new members into the Web3 space alongside art collectors via his new art gallery set in a giant Charleston, South Carolina warehouse.

The opening of Beeples Studios will showcase works from the most renowned artists in the space ⁠— XCOPY, Refik Anadol, DeeKay Motion, Blake Kathryn, Pak, Smeccea, Ash Thorp, Coldie, GMUNK, Chelsea Evenstar, etc., ⁠— among his own.

Additionally, he is also accepting artwork submissions for his inaugural event. Those whose artwork is accepted will receive a free ticket to the event, which is an NFT from Tokenproof.

Tokenproof is the verification platform for the upcoming event. Therefore, event attendees must hold one of their Beeple NFTs to gain entry before February 1, 11.59 pm (EST).

Those wanting to attend can get their NFT tickets here.

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