Azuki NFTs Slip Into Something More Cozy This Christmas

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Get ready to spread holiday cheer with Azuki NFTs! These digital characters will be dressing up in Santa hats and cozy holiday sweaters

It’s that time of year again, and Azuki, the Web3 Anime brand, is getting into the holiday spirit by offering virtual festive wear for its non-fungible token (NFT) holders.

Azuki collectors can now deck out their digital collectibles with a jolly Santa hat, cozy holiday sweaters, and fitting accessories.

Quick Take:

  • Azuki NFTs can now be customized with Christmas-themed clothing and accessories, such as Santa hats and sweaters.
  • Other festive options include snow, a bell, a present, a snowman, and a candy cane.
  • Many Azuki holders on Twitter are celebrating the winter holiday season by using these new accessories to create holiday-themed Azuki PFPs.

Christmas Treats for Azuki Holders

The Azuki team has released new festive wear for collectors to equip through their Collector’s Profile just before Christmas.

The brand announced the news on their Twitter, causing excitement among holders of the famous Anime characters yesterday:

Azuki holders can easily equip their PFP avatars with festive clothing and accessories using the Collector Profile interface.

By selecting the Azuki, clicking on “Equipables”, and choosing items such as a Santa hat or holiday sweater, the avatar is ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Digital traits – like falling snow – can also be added to the profile to add an extra touch of holiday cheer.

Azuki’s attention to detail allows users to easily get into the holiday spirit and potentially even make it into Santa’s good books.

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