Azuki Holders Can Now Score a Free Pass for ‘9 Lives Arcade’

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Azuki and Beanz holders can score a free pass to the new game, 9 Lives Arcade: competitive community gaming awaits! 

Since yesterday, all Azuki and Beanz holders can receive a complimentary Arcade Pass for the highly anticipated in-game 9 Lives Arcade.

Community members can enjoy the vibrant world of Hilumia before becoming addicted to Azuki’s new arcade-style NFT game.

Quick Take: 

  • Azuki’s metaverse, Hilumia, opens the doors to its 9 Lives Arcade game for all Azuki and Beanz holders.
  • All community members must claim an “Arcade Pass” to access the game.
  • The game consists of classic and modern gaming, allowing community members to participate in tournaments and events.
  • Several other games and activities will arise as members explore the virtual city.
9 Lives Arcade

Exploring the Thrills of Azuki’s ‘9 Lives Arcade’ 

The world’s largest NFT project, Azuki, finally opened its virtual world for community members to enjoy just weeks ago. Consequently, it creates new, innovative ways to entice and connect with players via its state-of-the-art virtual space.

Since yesterday, all Azuki and Beanz holders have been eligible to claim a free Arcade Pass, which opens the doors to the NFT project’s arcade-styled game, 9 Lives Arcade.

Azuki revealed the good news to all community members via Twitter:

This game “bridges fans of classics and enthusiasts of modern gaming”. Once joining, players can compete in tournaments and events among community peers, with the chance of winning generous rewards.

Players will likely lose half their days over the game being so addictive — so free up time beforehand!

However, that’s only part of Azuki’s journey…

9 Lives Arcade

Other Adventures for Community Members

Azuki aims to continuously tease players and keep the brand at the forefront of NFT and metaverse fans’ minds.

Several other games and activities will crop up as time passes and exploring continues. Such opportunities include:

  • Hilu Hall: The city’s epicenter for new experiments, inventions, and ideas. Founded years ago by a mysterious group of dreamers.
  •  Dojang: A mystery shrouded in shadows and secrecy, where ninjas train. Members of their clan are findable around the garden for purposes unknown.
  •  Slowpoke’s Toy Haven: This city shop was once a stool that sold red and blue bean plushies. The owner works strange, unpredictable hours, and the shop closes in his pockets based on his nap schedule.
  •  56 Fitness: Premier gym in Hilumia with a spirit of “growing together.” Nearly 250 Azuki holders highlight in the preview.
  •  MODA (Museum of Digital Art): Space to promote artists’ works in the Azuki community, features rotating exhibitions. Curators follow “dope art only” rule.
  •  Ember Square: Shopping center with newly opened stores and designs from every corner of the garden. The place to keep up with styles of today and tomorrow.
  •  Golden Skate Park: Place where holders of the golden skateboards can find utility and where others can come to experience the park.
  •  Love Island: A contest where 64 Azuki will enter the compound, and two winners will be selected. The heart-shaped lake on which Love Island is seated claims to be 100% real.

But, for now, lucky collectors of Azuki and Beanz must collect their complimentary arcade passes and enjoy traditional and innovative gaming via 9 Lives Arcade (as contradicting as that sounds).

Players can also enjoy plenty of other opportunities as they delve deeper into the vibrant virtual city of Hilumia — so enjoy exploring!

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