Altcoin Degens Make Crypto From the Queen’s Passing

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The passing of Queen Elizabeth ll sparks opportunities for making NFTs and memecoins

Despite the death of Her Majesty being yesterday, altcoin degens are already making crypto from the Queen’s passing.

The death brought sympathy and sadness worldwide. Like many other influential events, it also led to new money-making activities on-chain.

But what are these new crypto projects about?

Many digital assets of the Queen can be found on OpenSea, showcasing digital stamps with the Queen’s profile, photographs of the Queen, and pixelized artwork of Her Majesty.

One of the NFT collections that stands out the most is “Queen Elizabeth 69 Years NFT”, which was created yesterday—immediately after the Queen’s passing.

Each image shown in the collection of NFTs represents each year of her reign. Although, the curator picked a questionable title for the collection, seeing as she reigned for 70 years, not 69.

Picking 69 out of all numbers for the project’s title shows the likeliness of the curator being a royalist is slim.

Moreover, others making crypto from the Queen’s passing are doing so by publishing their NFT collections on Twitter. Check this out, for example:

One of the main reasons includes the promotion of collections to entice more buyers. Also, to attract buyers and traders of digital assets with rewards via airdrops, etc.

The Performance of Her Majesty’s Tokens

Other curators are making crypto from the Queen’s passing by creating memecoins.

Already, there are more than 40 coins that have been created in the same vein, dubbed: “London Bridge Is Down”, “Queen Inu II”, “Queen Grow”, “Queen Doge”, “Queen Elizabeth Inu”, “God Save The Queen”, “Rip Queen Elizabeth”, “Elizabeth II” and “Queen Inu II” and so forth.

Thus far, the tokens with the most liquidity include God Save The Queen, with trading volumes of around $700,000, alongside “Queen Elizabeth Inu” with $200,000.

Both coins indicate a lack of backing behind them—similar to the infamous Squid Games tokens that crashed and burned last October.

Memecoins/tokens and NFTs representing momentous events or crazes are typically short-lasting. As a result, curators of such crypto-related projects usually get a short fix of funds before—almost immediately—abandoning the project.

Crypto enthusiasts then move on to the next “best thing”.

God – Save the Queen

When coming across upsetting, tasteless projects, be sure to report them. To report on OpenSea, simply click the three-dot menu on the collection page and select report before providing your reason for doing so.

Other NFT marketplaces and Web3 platforms have similar, self-explanatory support.

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