Alo Yoga Offers Digital Twin NFTs to Aspen NFT Collection Buyers

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Alo Yoga, a well-known athleisure brand, has stepped into the NFT space. It is offering its buyers from last year’s Aspen collection a free “Digital Twin” NFT. The Aspen collection was a huge hit, selling out all 17 pieces within a month of its launch last year.

Quick Take:

  • Alo Yoga, an athleisure brand, is the latest to offer a free “Digital Twin” NFT to buyers of last year’s Aspen collection.
  • NFTs will include 3D renderings of their purchases and real-world benefits. These perks include free Alo Wellness Club sessions, brand fashion events, and early access to future collections.

In February, members of the brand’s loyalty program will receive emails with links to claim their NFTs. Further, NFTs will feature 3D renderings of members’ purchased pieces along with real-life perks. 

The move by Alo Yoga exemplifies the growing relationship between fashion and NFTs. Non-fungible tokens provide added value to customers beyond physical products. Given that, the firm is joining a growing list of brands utilizing NFTs to offer unique experiences and increase customer engagement.

The Alo Yoga CMO, Angelic Vendette, has announced that the company is offering exclusive access to its community through the use of NFTs. To make the concept feel more familiar and approachable to their community,  Alo Yoga has decided to use “digital certificates of authenticity” instead of the term NFT.

Alo Yoga NFTs Offer Exclusive Rewards and Experiences

As per the creators, the Alo Yoga NFTs rewards include the following:

  • free access to the Alo Wellness Club, 
  • invitations to fashion events organized by the brand, and 
  • priority access to future collections. 

Additionally, NFT holders will have a dedicated private client manager for personalized shopping and styling services. The innovative partnership between the yoga brand and Digital Twin Studios aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and make the transition easier for Alo Yoga’s large online community.

The Aspen Collection NFT is a digital certificate of authenticity created to celebrate Alo’s first foray into ready-to-wear and to identify holders as members of an exclusive community. MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting platform, HyperMint, will oversee the minting and distribution of the NFTs.

Moreover, the NFTs represent a unique opportunity for collectors to gain access to exclusive experiences and privileges with Alo Yoga, making them a valuable addition to any collection. The new initiative by the company will also inspire other fashion brands to explore the use of NFTs.

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