AI Art Star, Claire Silver, to Showcase NFTs at the Louvre

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Claire Silver — an artificial intelligence (AI) and non-fungible token (NFT) artist known for having exceptional creativity — is scheduled to showcase her newest masterpieces at Paris’s iconic Louvre on March 21.

Quick Takes:

  • Claire Silver — an AI and NFT artist — will showcase 100 of her latest post-photography artworks, “Can I Tell You a Secret?” at the Louvre on March 21.
  • Silver’s most famous for combining traditional artistic methods with unique art algorithms and machine learning to create state-of-the-art digital paintings.
  • The exhibition will testify to Silver’s growing NFT and AI art influence.
Claire Silver’s “AI Art is Not Art” on OpenSea

Who is Claire Silver? 

Silver seamlessly integrates unique art algorithms and machine learning with traditional artistic methods. As a result, she is famous for creating state-of-the-art digital paintings.

Critically acclaimed for having captivating visuals over having a vivid color palette, Silver’s artistic oeuvre earns her widespread acclaim. As a result, she has quickly become a highly spoken-about artist. This has led her to showcase her artworks in exhibitions and galleries worldwide and to have a large social media following.

Consequently, her pieces sell at Sotheby’s London and on SuperRare. One of her most well-known art pieces includes “AI Art is Not Art“, which surpassed 1k ETH in trading volume.

Her Latest Collection Scheduled to Debut at the Louvre

Silver’s latest artworks present a compelling vision of the future for creativity in this constantly evolving world. She will showcase 100 of these post-photography artworks at the Louvre this month.

She creates these famous photographs using artificial intelligence (AI) and minting them into NFTs, calling the digital collectibles “Can I Tell You a Secret?”.

The artist took to Twitter to announce the good news about what’s in the pipeline:

Visitors of the world-renowned art gallery can also marvel at her much-loved “Love in the Fourth Turning” 1-of-1 artwork during the exhibition.

This upcoming event will present a compelling vision of innovation. Moreover, it will testify to Silver’s growing AI art influence in the NFT and art world.

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