Adidas Just Unveiled Its First Digital Artist Program, RESIDENCY

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Making strides in the art and technology sectors, Adidas /// Studio just announced proudly kick-starting its first digital artist residency program — RESIDENCY — during the Korean Blockchain Week on September 7-8.

Quick Takes: 

  • Adidas reveals its digital artist-in-residency program for Korean Blockchain Week.
  • MonkeeMoto and DearNostalgia are the program’s dynamic duo of inaugural artists.
  • Their artworks will be available at the Seoul event for 0.15 ETH.
  • They will also be up for grabs online via Manifold for 0.3 ETH from September 6-11.

Uniting Creative Forces to Uplift Art and Tech

Adidas RESIDENCY aims to create a collaborative space whereby artists can connect with its brand and passionate community through art and Web3 technology. At the program’s sole are diverse creative perspectives and a captivating inaugural roster of artists capturing the brand’s innovative spirit.

The studio has already cherry-picked a dynamic duo — MonkeeMoto and DearNostalgia — to showcase their works. Both artists resonate with Adidas’ commitment to cultural diversity and innovation through various skills that touch upon Web3 game development, digital artistry, and concept design.

The former creative will bring a futuristic touch to the project. The latter will showcase alternate realities through virtual montages, photography and more. Similarly, however, they will both leave a mark on the creative, gaming, and digital fashion realms through the power of the sportswear behemoth.

The masterpieces comprising 100 items will be available for around $250 (0.15 ETH) at Korea Blockchain Week, enabling attendees to also snatch up one of the artist’s exclusive hoodies for free. Open Edition NFTs will also be available online via Manifold for approximetly $50 (0.3 ETH) from September 6-11.

Not forgetting, Token Proof is issuing freebie VIP tickets for the Seoul event to all ALTS by Adidas NFT holders.

As the virtual world evolves, initiatives like this present the limitless possibilities that arise when art and technology combine. Bring on the Korean Blockchain Week!

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