About the NFT Drop Rebuilding Reefs [RRREEF_RESILIENCE Interview]

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NFT Lately reached out to the founders of RRREEF_RESILIENCE—Sara Kieffer and Lucien Mike Woodtli—to discuss their NFT drop supporting the rebuilding of real-world reefs in Ecuador


Can you tell me about yourselves and RRREEF_RESILIENCE?

We are Sara Kieffer and Lucien Mike Woodtli, the two founders of the creative studio and progressive idea manufactory 697 THz, currently based in Zurich. We specialize in future thinking, visual communication, spatial, and experience design.

Our love and curiosity for the endless possibilities Web3 provide us led us to create RRREEF_RESILIENCE—a digital art project supporting our partner, the ETH spin-off  rrreefs, to rebuild an actual reef in Ecuador.

You can collect 2500 digital coral NFTs in the first drop. The more NFTs you collect, the faster the immersive digital reef on the website resurrects. It also provides a new habitat for other reef animals, which will gradually release in further RRREEF_RESILIENCE collectible drops.

On the plus side, the digital reef on the website builds the bridge between Web3 and the real-world, showcasing the revenue RRREEF_RESILIENCE generates—the more vibrant and populated the digital reef is, the more we can implement real-life impact.

Please explain the mission of your project:

In one sentence: Rebuilding an actual coral reef in Ecuador. But the mission is way more multidimensional than this. With RRREEF_RESILIENCE, we want to create an attractive case for people to invest in environmental causes—by using the possibilities of Web3, we can establish economic and educational rewards for supporters.

Furthermore, RRREEF_RESILIENCE uses the universal language of design to unify digital art, technology, science, and activism on an entirely new level—creating a community of modern impact-makers.

Why did you pick helping to rebuild coral reefs as RRREEF_RESILIENCE’s goal?

We care deeply about the oceans and the influential and supportive force it is for all living beings on earth. And as artists and designers at heart, the almost alien-like underwater realm always had this considerable force of attraction towards us—whole world within our world full of mesmerizing shapes, powerful colors, and creatures that seem to have superpowers.

After our year-long stay in Costa Rica, our connection to water as an element and the ocean grew more and more until we finally had the idea of using our skill set to give something back to Mother Nature.

During the development of our strategic foundation and finalization of our concept, we also searched for a competent and trustworthy partner who would support us in the real-world impact of the project. We found this partner in the ETH spin-off rrreefs.

Can you tell me about your project’s art?

The idea was to break the boundaries between nature and the digital space. We wanted to create a fusion of the stunning shapes of the underwater realm with gamelike features such as guilds, auras, and other traits.

Moreover, this design approach brought a wide variety of traits to life with six hand-drawn coral body shapes at its center, resulting in 2500 unique corals.

In addition, we sculpted an immersive digital reef where these unique digital corals can find a home.

How much of your proceeds go toward helping life under the water?

Half of all revenue from RRREEF_RESILIENCE will go directly towards the ETH spin-off rrreefs for developing and implementing a resilient coral reef in Ecuador. However, the other half will go to 697 THz to finance the current and further development of RRREEF_RESILIENCE.

What does Web3 mean to you?

An endless stream of creativity and possibilities. A space where you can manifest your own imagination, interests, and needs into being.

After discovering the world of Web3 and nfts in 2020, Web3’s endless potential blew us away, influencing us to interleave communities with creativity and storytelling to create innovative, meaningful experiences.

What’s in the pipeline for RRREEF_RESILIENCE?

Each digital artwork of the genesis collection is an entry pass for its holder to various Web3 and IRL experiences.

The next big thing coming up is a collaboration with a renowned sustainable fashion brand where we aim to connect RRREEF_RESILIENCEs message to a physical good. However, we cannot reveal the name just yet.

Interestingly, here is what else is in the pipeline:

  • After the genesis drop sells out, the digital reef will start growing.
  • If you hold more than five tokens at the end of 2022, you’ll receive the digital reef airdropped to your wallet. This digital reef will increase as the project proceeds showcasing the real resurrection of a reef.
  • Airdrops from collaborations with different artists.
  • Each digital coral is part of a guild (R1, R2, R3, E4, E5. F6, S7). A big real-world surprise awaits you if you hold one coral of each guild.
  • There are 50 resilient mutant corals with silver blings: If you have one, your name will forever be 3D-printed into an actual reef brick in Ecuador.

RRREEF_RESILIENCE isn’t about hype or FOMO but establishing an ecosystem where everyone will profit. We aim to explore the infinite possibilities of Web3 further to use new technologies for the benefit of the environment significantly.

Be sure to check out the REEF_RESILIENCE Instagram and Discord.

Get your RRREEF RESILIENCE NFT here – rrreef-resilience.xyz!

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