World of Women’s ‘Artfest Winter’ Event Begins Today

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World of Women’s ‘Artfest Winter’ event starts today: An online celebration of global culture alongside storytelling talents and artists

The first edition of Artfest for all World of Women holders (WoW and WoWG) starts in less than 24 hours. This event celebrates top digital artists and the full moon while supporting the community with other dazzling incentives.

Quick Take:

  • WoW’s seasonal Artfest starts today on the WoW Galaxy, Rainbow Orb.
  • WoWG and WoW collectors can mint numerous digital artworks at 12 pm (EST).
  • Numerous women from different cultures create the artworks using contrasting mediums.
  • The event will take place each season — every time there’s a full moon.

Exploring the Creative World of WoW’s Artfest Winter 

WoW’s digital event, Artfest Winter, will be ready for all WoW and WowG NFT holders to attend today. However, it is a seasonal event that hosts a different planet in the WoW Galaxy each time there’s a full moon. 

Each celebration will open the galaxy for all WoW members to explore. As time goes on, this virtual space will continuously consist of different storytelling talents and artists from different cultures across the globe.

Today, on February 6, Artfest will take place on Rainbow Orb. Members can mint digital artworks from more than ten hand-picked digital artists for free at 12 pm (EST).

However, it’s essential to note that WoWG NFT holders will receive different digital assets than WoW collectors. For example, the WoWG artist list includes Allison Bagg, Yanin Ruibal, Carla Sa Fernandes, Astrid Stoeppel, Fares Micue, Mario Henrique, Manuela Karin Knaut, and Damola Ayegbayo.

On the other hand, artists Blake Kathryn, Idil Dursun, Clément Morin, Katsara, Melda VNH, Mark Inducil, and Mad “Mari” Maraca are all ready to showcase their unique perspectives to WoW holders.

All artists come from diverse backgrounds, working in various mediums while exploring inner peace, femininity, and cultural heritage.

The WoW team picked the launch date today over holding the significance of being the last night of the full moon this season. 

So, it’s time for all WoWG and WoW holders to worship the moon. Also, to be dazzled by the creativity and diversity of these talented, diverse creatives.

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