VALHALLA NFT Review – The Intriguing Project Topping OpenSea’s Charts

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This week, only two collections are above VALHALLA on OpenSea’s sales volume charts: Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. So, what is this brand new project smashing it on social media and marketplaces?


According to the project’s discord, VALHALLA is “an NFT project building a community for gamers around the world.” They are building a tailor-made experience for their members who are passionate about gaming and culture.

Their website’s high-quality video follows two characters going through a weird, dystopian world – somewhat like a mix of The Matrix and Blade Runner. The pair are navigating their way through different realities showing off a futuristic, war-torn universe. Towards the end, following several dimension or universe switches via mirrors, they end up with a Dragon, who makes up a final portal taking them to a fighting scene. It is there that the video cuts off to the project’s logo.

The project’s mint is ongoing – as of November 23 – the collection had 15% of its supply remaining after phase one minting. Currently, on OpenSea, the project is sky-high. It is the top project based on sales volume today, and within the top three alongside great company (Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club) in the past seven days of volume.

The current floor price is 0.7 ETH, with a total volume of 1,996 ETH traded so far. Also, 3,555 unique owners have one of the 7,854 NFTs in their wallet – a unique owner count of 45%.

Their Ever-Expanding Community

Currently, the project has over 27,000 members on their active Discord server. To clarify, users who own a VALHALLA receive special access to certain areas of the server that non-holders cannot see. Those who don’t own an NFT from the collection are only limited to viewing #announcements, #mint-details, #information, and #twitter.

On Twitter, the project has gained 55,000 followers since joining the platform in May of this year. Recently, their engagement on posts has been outstanding, with recent posts reaching thousands of likes and retweets.

Fake accounts of the projects are already on social media – so it is important to ensure that you’re following the correct website links, Twitter pages, etc.

The Team Behind VALHALLA

The project was built by a team of 11 full-time employees at Stacked Studios – the company behind the collection based out of LA. The group have various experiences in their respective industries, with many attending major universities for their studies, including MIT. They have also had experience working at some of the world’s top companies – Microsoft, Uber and Goldman Sachs, to name a few.

Apparently, Stacked Studios are continuing to hire as the company, and their project, VALHALLA, grows.

About Stacked Studios

Stacked Studios are the company behind the development and launch of VALHALLA. They are an LA-based consumer web3 studio. On their website, they don’t share much company info. But it is upon checking out their Twitter that they have shared some employee stories, details on behind the scenes of the VALHALLA development, and details on funding.

In September, Pantera Capital led a $12.9 million Series A funding for Stacked Studios. The asset management company shared their reasoning for investing in the company as Stacked’s founder, Alex Lin, seeing the potential in the live-streaming side of web3 – something that they feel is underexplored.


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